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Persephone's Return

Persephone's Collar, by ojouchan of ViolentBelle. Meant to evoke the strange beauty of artificial nature in the underworld. Fiery tear drop Austrian Crystals, hang from vine- like spring green glass beads, along with "flowers" made of blood red Austrian Crystal and pale yellow orange cut glass. Clear leaves dot the flowers while daffodil crystals twine like flowery serpents through the black satin lattice framework.

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She meets me at the gates,
pulls me from the earth,
my silken skirts catching like roots
in the cold, soft clay
of the underworld.

It gets everywhere -
under my fingernails,
in the seams of my shoes,
in my hair.

She washes my hair,
combs out the last bits of clay,
washes from me
the perfumes of below.
She braids my hair,
braids in early blossoms
that bloomed just for my return.

There are no flowers, under.
There are jewels that sparkle
all the colors of flowers
in the cave walls,
clasped to my ears and wrists,
in the hollow of my throat
never warming to my skin.

She gives me a hat
(I am too pale
and it is too bright up here,
so bright to eyes accustomed to
the flicker of candles on the banquet table)
and puts me to work in the garden.
Spring planting.
My mother and I,
side by side,
quiet, for I am always quiet at first.
Our hands in rich warm crumbling black soil,
the best kind
for growing things.

It is so warm, the soil
and I press my hands into it,
feel that,
feel the sun warm my skin.

My mother grounds me
the best way she can.

Later, there are apples
drizzled with honey -
simple fare after
elaborate meals of reductions and glazes
and chilled wine made of fruits
my mother holds no dominion over;
the food is sharp and well-spiced, but

my mother's food is
warm from the ground
or fresh from the trees.

I bite into an apple,
closing my eyes
to draw in the taste,
and if I crave the tang
of a pomegranate,
I will never tell her.



Emily says, re: someone not here, "Okay, here's the point - and she? Is in Egypt. Destined to wander for forty years before she gets to the actual point."

wired_lizard brought us Tuscan bread from a Cordon Bleu baking school!

Also? This is how we roll during Blogathon. (Yes, I look like crap. It's Blogathon. Deal.)

That is Victoria. She has no dignity. Don't worry, she actually enjoys this treatment.

This next rape-culture post was forwarded to me by multiple people; apparently, when you guys see rape culture stuff, you think shadesong!

ArsTechnica says:

I can't imagine what it's like to be a booth babe, especially not at a show like Comic Con. You're being pawed at by huge amounts of sweaty geeks, you have to smile and be pleasant to people who may or may not have showered... it always seems like a hellish existence. What doesn't help? Having your employer offer a bounty if people sexually harass you.

At Comic Con, if you commit "an act of lust" with an EA booth babe and take a picture, you could win dinner with said babes, as well as a great big pile of prizes related to the upcoming Dante's Inferno. That's right, the babes won't just get the standard behavior and awkward advances—if someone is really obnoxious, they get rewarded for it, and then you get to see them again socially!

Technically you're only supposed to take a picture to be entered, but I can't even start to imagine how people are going to get creative with this one. I hope they gave their models a can of mace or, better yet, an actual mace. Or maybe just a few sharpened sticks. Going into that throng, in a thong, with prizes being awarded for lustful actions being enacted upon you? Dear Lord.

This may fit in with the theme of the game, but those poor, poor women. *shudder*

Jezebel has a post on it, too.

The usual defenders of this sort of thing are saying things like "It's just taking a picture!" and, charmingly, "Well, they were hired to be a piece of meat." But I point out two things:

1. It says commit an act of lust. The person who does it "best" gets rewarded. So no, these guys are not just going to be taking a picture. I predict a lot of nonconsensual groping to get "points". What's another name for that? Oh, yeah - sexual assault.

2. It says to do this with EA's booth babes or any other booth babes. This means upskirt pics of the girl dressed as Supergirl at DC's table. This means Catwoman assgrabbery. At the least. EA's booth babes may have signed up for this. No one else did. But they have all been made targets by one reprehensible company.

And at a con... how can you tell for certain who's a booth babe and who's a costumed attendee? So that target has now also been painted on every female ComicCon attendee.

SDCC security should boot EA out, like, doublequick. If they don't? They're leaving themselves open to the inevitable lawsuits.

Keep in mind that SDCC was full of sexual harassment/assault fail last year. This? Is not a step in the right direction.
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