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Calligraphy by ladydrakaina; illustrations by sheistheweather. Parchment paper, ink and colored pencil.

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A game in several forms: Aarne-Thompson 510A.
The Persecuted Heroine.
Add one girl, one wicked mother, and one or more shoes.

Spill the other pieces out on the table.
See what fits.
A pharoah, a courtesan, a magical fish,
talking bones. Lizard footmen. A wishing tree.

The shoe may be gold or glass,
stylish pump or rose-gilded sandal.
Loss of shoe at ball is optional.
Sometimes a bird steals it. Be creative.
Show your work. Make it fit.

The stepsisters make it fit in at least one version -
hacking off toes or heels,
leaving a trail of blood.
Sometimes, the girl forgives.
Sometimes, their eyes are pecked out.
Sometimes, they are not there at all.

But one girl -
A poor unfortunate soul,
scrubbing clothes in the river,
scrubbing floors in the house,
all full of woe, but never complaining.
Sometimes there is a fairy godmother.
Sometimes she saves herself.

And one wicked mother,
step or not,
jealous of the girl's youthful vigor
or place in the father's heart
or shining hair.
So many choices, really.

Do anything else you want,
Talking mice and singing bones,
Pumpkins or turnips,
Fur slipper or fur cloak,
make her Thracian or Chinese.

Without these, it is not the story:
Girl. Mother. Slipper.

Scatter your pieces.
Tell me her story.
Again. And again.


This one? Totally an experiment, me just messing around with increasing and decreasing stanza length.

Another question answered!

what's the number one myth/misconception you've come across?

Hm. There are lots! One really prevalent one is that women allegedly "cry rape". Now. False accusations do happen. But they're incredibly rare. False accusations or carjacking and mugging are for more common than false accusations of rape - and they're very rare.

Another one that bugs me... there used to be the stereotype that rape was usually a stranger jumping out and grabbing you. Which led to a lot of doubt and the perception of a grey area in the cases where the perpetrator isn't a stranger. Which is vastly more common.

75 percent of all survivors know their attackers; 80 percent of all rapes occur in the home.

90 percent of rape survivors on college campuses know their attackers.

93 percent of juvenile sexual assault survivors know their attackers.

This is known now. Which is good. But the pendulum has swung the other way, and now there's a misconception that stranger rape is a myth. And me? I was literally grabbed off the street by a stranger. So. It does happen.
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