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She lived in an old sea chanty

She lived in an old sea chanty, interpreted by emilytheslayer. Gray Merino wool laceweight yarn, nylon ribbon yarn knitted into a fishing net or scarf. Hand wash only.

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She lived in an old sea chanty, on the shores of the great big sea. Some of the eaves were out of tune, but that was to be expected - most of the singers lacked any sort of advanced vocal training. The singing swept in a few times a day, just like the tides, the whole chanty moving with it - for a sea chanty's a live thing, not locked down and stable. A sea chanty grows and changes. She'd hum counterpoint to keep it as steady as possible, keep it from breaking the china, and later she'd explore. New rooms opened up sometimes, with new verses, or old ones might shift and change. Later she would tidy up, because the singing would sweep in all sorts of things, shells and seaglass and driftwood. She made windchimes from the song-storms' leavings, and they shone in the windows and chimed glissando like the sweetest eighth-notes and sixteenth-notes.

Sometimes the singing swept in an unwary singer, one who closed their eyes during call and response and smelled the sea air and let the chanty carry them in; for a few measures, she had lovers.

And after, she curled up in a bed hung with fishing nets and baubles and let the sea rock her to sleep, her heartbeat in perfect 6/8 time.


Hey, let's have a post about rape culture, shall we? Awesome. This is what rape culture looks like.

I often get asked what the phrase “rape culture” means. And while, honestly, the answer is no further away than wikipedia, it’s sometimes easier to grasp a concept by observing it in the wild.

Ben Roethlisberger is the Super-Bowl-winning QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Last summer he was in Lake Tahoe for a celebrity golf tournament. While there, he flirted up a female host at Harrahs, the casino hotel where he was staying. Whether or not she voluntarily flirted with him is unknowable – as a rich, high profile celebrity, he knew that it was her job to flirt with him, and so did she. That’s rape culture. When men make choices about what women do with their sexuality, that strengthens the idea that men can control women’s bodies.

The following night, he called her to say his TV wasn’t working – would she come take a look? She couldn’t find a tech person to do it, so she went herself, knowing that she had to do everything possible to keep her celeb guest happy. Once up there, she discovered a perfectly functioning TV. And then, allegedly, Roethlisberger blocked her exit and raped her. That’s rape.

When she reported the attack to Harrah’s security chief Guy Hyder, he declined to investigate and allegedly told her that she was “overreacting” and that “most girls would feel lucky to get to have sex with someone like Ben Roethlisberger.” He also told her to either keep it from their boss at Harrah’s, or to tell their boss they’d had sex voluntarily, in order to keep everybody happy. That’s rape culture. When people in power refuse to take women’s rape charges seriously, it means there are no consequences for rapists, which makes them more free to rape.

Please read the whole thing.

BARCC is steadfastly committed to changing rape culture; one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is conversation. Is going into schools and having the kind of talks that expose people's preconceptions about rape culture, and about getting them to think critically. I have seen that little light go on over people's heads as they realize "Oh, hey, that's not okay. And here's why that's not okay."

Sponsor me. Then e-mail ESPN and tell them that their "do not report" order on this reinforces rape culture, and that you find that unacceptable.
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