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Calligraphy by ladydrakaina; illustrations by sheistheweather. Parchment paper, ink and colored pencil.

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You are always everything you have ever been -
you are moments of joy and of pain,
layered to form your heart and mind,
your self.

You will always be the child on the swingset,
and the student with your books,
and the lover, and the loved.
Some part of you lives there always,
and you would not be yourself
if not for that fight,
that heartbreak,
that moment where everything paused -

You are always everything,
you have ever been.
And something, some secret place in you
knows all that you will be.

Perhaps it was the child,
swinging higher and higher,
propelling yourself up with
momentum and will,
until you could finally see
over the playground fence,
over your house,
over the setting sun,
over the horizon,
over into that moment of knowing...
and down, back to that summer evening,
and the promise of the life to come.

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Team Venture is having lentil soup for lunch. Om nom nom.

Lily sez: "I just Googled Google. Go me. I win at Stupid."

Hey, let's answer a question!

What do you do as a counsellor?

I'm a member of BARCC's Community Awareness and Prevention Services (CAPS) team. Here's a partial list of things we do!

In addition to that, though, CAPS is the catchall team - basically, we handle everything that isn't covered by hotline, medical advocacy, and legal. One of our big missions is identifying the needs of our communities and providing community-specific services, so really, every volunteer does something different! We are flexible and adaptable.

Ask questions here!
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