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I made these, too! Silver branches, firepolished glass leaves, and single drop of blood Swavorski crystal, on silver earwires.


We saw him tip the wineglass,
Spill the drugged draught into his shoe.
We are not so stupid as they'd have you believe.

The rustle of silk and velvet, chime of jewels
The soft leather of new dancing slippers
A secret smile, a secret door.

Silver trees glistening in unnatural light,
In the silence beneath the earth.
Behind us, he breaks off a branch and thinks we do not hear.

The avenue of gold, its light warming our passage;
The leaves are sharp. They cut his hand.
We smell his coppery life and smile.

Leaves of diamonds reflect light, silly cloak or no.
We laugh as he gapes at our wonders,
Our voices like the tinkling of the leaves he steals.

He weighs down the coracle. He is a big man.
The youngest of us complains prettily.
Men like to think they know more than us.

And finally, the banquet-hall! Twelve princes underground!
No room for you, soldier, sneak-thief.
We are taken, all of us, in every sense. Watch.

The music is dizzying; we lose ourselves in dance.
Spinning across the cold marble floor
Exchanging partners; we share.

There is nothing for us in the world above.
Not when there is this: the princes. The dance.
The trees of silver and gold and diamond.

Between dances, the feasting. Sweets and fruits.
They watch us eat, avidly as they watch us dance
Pomegranate seeds between our teeth, fresh and sharp.

This is the twelfth night, the end of a spell.
He is shocked when we tear the cloak from him.
No return, we say. Never again to the world above.

The end of a spell; a new hunger, fresh and sharp.
We share. He was a big man.
There is plenty of meat for all.


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"Twelve" was originally published in Cabinet des Fees, which you should totally check out if you're into fairy-tale poetry.

There is a baby having his/her first birthday party next door. There are balloons and baby pics all over the neighbors' back porch. Adorable!

Team Venture showcase: jennaria!

Because sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart around us -- global warming, global cooling, deforestation, natural resources running low or out. I love this world, and the creatures in it (including humans, at least sometimes): I love being able to go for long hikes and wade through cool streams. (Not so much for the mosquitos, but that's what bats and dragonflies are for!) The Nature Conservancy isn't the only charity out there that's working to preserve the world, and those parts of it that can't speak for themselves, but it's one of the better, and that's why it's mine. Sponsor her!
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