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Clever Vasilissa

Necklace by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs.

Note: in the STYLE of one of my The TimeKeeper's Daughter-- True North necklaces. Not the exact one pictured, but very close. Details:

This necklace features a focal pendant of a compass which reorients to the north, paired with gleaming brass watch hands and gears. I have also used gleaming glass beads metallic shades, as well as freshwater pearls. They are strung on a chain of brass gleaming wilth silver accents. This necklace measures 19".

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This is but an excerpt of "Clever Vasilissa".


One day, Vasilissa’s stepmother left to go into the city, setting each daughter a task. The fire had run out, and on her last match, she lit just one candle. The older stepsister waited til her mother was far away then, as instructed, she put out the candle. We cannot do our work in the dark, the stepsisters cried, and they told Vasilissa this:

There is a witch in the woods. And Vasilissa must go forth and fetch light from the witch.

Vasilissa had her misgivings, but felt that she must do as her stepsisters bid her. She packed some bread, some books, a Geiger counter, and two of her favorite small robots in a bag she slung over her shoulder and across her body, and she set out.

The woods had suffered in the war, but they would soon be a proper forest again. There were not as many tall trees as Vasilissa had seen in her storybooks, but there were a respectable amount, and all around her were saplings. She followed the path for most of the day, nibbling at her bread as she did so. Finally she came upon a thick copse of full-grown trees; pushing through, she beheld a wonder.

The house looked nothing like the shabby things in the city. It was like something out of a picture book, tall and arched and perfectly undamaged, glittering all over with what Vasilissa recognized as solar panels…

And it stood on two mechanical legs that looked like nothing so much as those of a chicken.

Vasilissa yearned to examine those legs, but surrounding the house was something that intimidated even her - a fence made of bones that looked human, long and brittle and scorched, clattered one atop the other, humerus and femur, tibia and radius, held together she knew not how. And stationed every few feet, atop the bones, were human skulls - oddly beautiful, with light shining from empty sockets.

Just as she was reaching forward, quite frightened, to examine a brightly-shining skull, there was a great commotion. Wind howled, trees bent, and in thundered a great brass mechanism that looked like nothing so much as a giant mortar on legs like those of the house. The mortar leapt, landing neatly over the fence; with a hiss of escaping steam from its joints, it lowered, and out clambered a woman who could only be the witch, complete with broom.

The witch marched up to the fence, peering closely at Vasilissa, who could only look back, astonished. The witch was neither young nor old; her hair was plaited back, and she wore a heavy cloak and a cunning expression. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”


Team Venture is rocking out to Tricky Pixie's "Tam Lin".

We're all mad here. (And that's okay.)

My internet kid is blogging for jennifer because Jen had to withdraw for medical reasons. Kat will be posting at zarhooie_blogathon@Dreamwidth, but has graciously decided to crosspost to LiveJournal. You can follow her LJ-thon at zarhooie_athon. She goes into detail about why she's blogging as a Jen-stand-in here. Jen was going to be blogging for St Jude Children's Hospital, so all sponsorships should go there.

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Poor Frank.
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