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Ooooooh shiny.

When s00j did a house concert here in 2007, she played what she called "a trip-hop Tam Lin". <3 So much love. My obsession with Tam Lin is well-documented, and s00j indulges me most wonderfully and with tremendous grace and panache.

And now? She has recorded a full version of it with Tricky Pixie bandmates stealthcello and Alexander James Adams.

And I am listening to it right now, and it is slinkysexyfabulous, and is my new favorite Tam Lin ever. (And I have over a dozen versions of it on my iTunes, mind.) Not just because it is Tam Lin, and not just because it's Tricky Pixie, but it is just. that. awesome. Lush and beautiful.

Adam says "That is incredible." And he does not have my Tam Lin fetish, and may indeed be quite sick of hearing versions of Tam Lin all the time. So you know it's really awesome.

And it is on their new album, which I will post a link to as soon as you can order it.

But I have it now.

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