Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Things that make my day

Not-a-critique of "My Empire for Ashes", by themaskmaker:

So I finished reading it.

And I have this problem. I can't critique it.

For me, these are real people, somehow. This isn't a story about Alexander. It's like... like reading his journal. And I can't critique someone's journal.

I suppose that >is< a critique, of a sort. You've made this world real to me. And this. This makes it more real. Fuller, richer. And for that, thank you!


Also, from someone I met at a Boskone literary beer who refound me on Facebook and wanted to verify who I was: "Are you the cute one with the annoyingly pertinent questions?"

Aw! Annoyingly pertinent. I like that. That's going in my bio, with "probably benign" and "wields the power to make mere mortals crave pie".

Not going in my bio, and not disclosing who said it other than that it's someone who makes me do that doofy grin and blush thing: "You're brilliant and gorgeous and you kiss like an angel." The topper? This was during a conversation about how I am dangerous.

(Sometimes I just need to list things that make me bouncy. What's making you bouncy?)

EDIT: And the bounciest thing of all is that I'm currently at $952.24 raised for BARCC. Who will push me over that $1K barrier?

ALSO EDIT: And s00j sent me the Tricky Pixie version of "Tam Lin"!
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