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Happy birthday to bettybaker, sterling_raptor, and sylverice2!

Happy early birthday to storme, lyssrose, and zlana, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers mseuphrates and mutantenemy!

I got sleep last night. That's a nice change. If I do the same tonight, I should be in good shape for Blogathon.

Thanks to enderfem, jnanacandra, Deirdre C., csecooney, Settecorvi, slipjig, rictor-rockets, and lyssaheartsong, we're up to $818!

Can we get up to $1,000 today? I think so!

If you're bidding on a blogforbarcc auction, please remember to bid up in the thread and not as a comment directly to the post! I expect to spend much of Monday going through and telling bidders this individually, so everyone's bid will count and everyone has the chance to bid up if they want to.

The staff of BARCC thanks you - they're all excited, too!

And popelizbet made a Facebook event page for it, so add that and share it in your profile, please!

Other Blogathonners!
I'm not the only person doing Blogathon!

* bubblesbrnaid is blogging for Operation Healthy Reunions - Sponsor her!
* DaisyBones is blogging for Rainbow Pride of WV - Sponsor her!
* jennaria is blogging for the Nature Conservancy - Sponsor her!
* jennifer is blogging for St. Jude's - Sponsor her!
* mllelaurel is blogging for Planned Parenthood - Sponsor her!
* nevacaruso is blogging for Amnesty International - Sponsor her!
* spoothbrush is blogging for Doctors Without Borders - Sponsor her!
* thesilentpoet is blogging for St. Jude's. Sponsor her!

And follow their Blogathons, give encouraging comments!

Friday Memage
Wearing: grey pajama pants, blue Sihnon Companion Academy t-shirt.
Reading: Children of Henry VIII, by Alison Weir; Spin State, by Chris Moriarty.
Writing: Have heard back from all of my beta readers, so it's time to expand "My Empire for Ashes". Which I was going to do yesterday. But. Y'know.
Planning: Today: Last-minute Blogathon planning and tidying. Tomorrow: BLOGATHON. Sunday: SLEEP.

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