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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to vixyish!

Hello to new reader idiomagic!

Allergist appointment today. I shall bring the big bag of Stuff What Gives Me Hives.

Thanks to nikkie_noo, tikva, weofodthignen, and seimaisin, we're up to $623.24!

Sponsor me!

Blogathon Planning
Okay, so basically? Clusterfuck. Too many people for my house, and feste_sylvain's house suddenly drastically less workable, and last-minute changes to the point where I'm just doing this solo next year, because it really is a lot of work even without trying to wrangle a team. Anyway, for various reasons, my house is the only viable option of everyone, but it can only hold about four bloggers and moderate support staff without sending Adam halfway to a nervous breakdown. (Last year was really bad for him.)

So eustaciavye is possibly doing Blogathon with tikva, or one or more of them may be backing out entirely; I was medicated during this conversation last night, so I got lost around the third turn.

So it's me, mllelaurel, neva_caruso, and wired_lizard at my house, with pit crew of emilytheslayer, Adam, and feste_sylvain.

Pit crew, please state your preferred shifts so I can make sure we all have shifts covered.

People who just want to bring food (I know that was teddywolf at least), please contact me for a list of bloggers' allergies and preferences.

Please pimp?
Sponsorship's way down this year. The economy is tough for everyone, I know. But if you could *please* tell your friends about this? It would really make a big difference.

I'll be in Florida next month - arriving August 10th. Will be going to a Poison/Def Leppard show with enderfem and maxymyllyn, having coffee with kires, and I have no other firm plans yet, but I have lots of people I want to see. The weekend of the 17th might be good for a trip up to Central/North FL to see haikujaguar, morenasangre, and farren, and perhaps childhood friend Jeff.

How long am I staying? I don't know. Pi-Con's a maybe at this point, as the one panel I cared about didn't make it onto the schedule for lack of panelists. I like it, and I like the people there, but I haven't seen my Florida friends at all this year, and I want as much time with them as I can get.

Link Soup
* Palin implicated in ethics probe. I'm shocked, really.
* Gorgeous trompe l'oeil murals.
* Collections pictures of a million people hugging.
* 101 simple summer salads.
* Terrible costumes in comics. Article's clearly written by people who don't read comics, but some of the pictures, oh man.
* Stitch Wars: an archive of the artwork in Bear and Bird Gallery's "Stitch Wars" exhibition in Lauderhill, FL. You guys. I totally want to go to this.

Daily Science
Quantum key distribution (QKD) could be the next commercial success of quantum physics, and a recent study has taken the field a step closer to this reality. Researchers from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and Corning Incorporated in New York have demonstrated a new QKD prototype that can distribute quantum keys over a distance of 250 km in the lab, improving upon the previous record of 200 km. The scientists hope that the achievement will lead to the goal of distributing quantum keys over intercity distances of 300 km in the near future.

Don't wanna go to the allergist. But I gotta. (This will be my first time driving since my last seizure - which was in early April, so I'm technically not street-legal, but I'm almost certainly safe. Still.)

Will hit the post office after.

And we have Elayna home tonight for the third night in a row! Yay Elayna!
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