Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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So. Blogathon is Saturday. And I still don't know where we're having it.

Because Team Venture is smaller this year - and we've been teetering on the edge of being a small enough group to stay here. But it's just become - probably - too big a group.

Which means schlepping out to Littleton, which is less convenient for everyone involved. Also means losing Adam from the pit crew, as he's not going to want to be stranded in Littleton. And it means it's much harder to get anyone else for the pit crew. "There's the whole "flaming moat" problem," feste_sylvain says, referring to the fact that most Bostonians don't venture outside of the 128 loop. (My house is T-accessible. His? Not remotely.)

So. Is anyone willing and able to take a pit crew shift in Littleton? Because emilytheslayer and feste_sylvain both have to sleep sometime. This could be the deciding factor on whether there's a Team Venture this year.

(There will likely be no Team Venture next year. Because I do not have the time and energy to keep spending on this sort of organizational crap when I have planning to do for my own 'thon, plus auctions, plus editing a novella, plus everything else I need to get done this week.)

EDIT: There is also the question of whether our non-driving teammates can even get to Littleton.

EDIT: And also all four of feste_sylvain's household will be home now, which complicates matters further.

EDIT: I will have to sleep on this.
EDIT: Divisio of the team seems necessary. Am very mediated. More tomorrow.

Now need pit crew for Boston. (And Medford?)
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