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Hello to new readers bardofevermore, moonstone_fae, and shadowpoet89!

Hangin' in. Sleeping okay. Got an allergist appointment on Friday; hopefully we can figure out why I get these lovely hives when I apply just about any moisturizer. Still seizure-free and mostly pain-free. *crosses fingers*

Still at $483.34. Sponsor me!

Auctions go up *today*. Soon as I get back from my walk. *cracks knuckles* For sneak peeks, look here and here. (Other pics are scattered among donors' websites.)

"My Empire for Ashes"
Got some good notes from beta readers so far; I need to clarify a few things, maybe cut back on the framing device, and add a few more scenes, but I should be able to get it done this week. I'd like to use it and its soundtrack as a Blogathon sponsor incentive, but I won't commit til it's Done. (I am always late on incentives, and I don't like that.)

Two bit of breaking news:
* Eric Van has attempted to blackmail catvalente.
* rosefox is on the programming committee now - so don't give up on ReaderCon as an entity.
But do insist that they distance themselves from Van. He's now listed simply as an advisor, but that's still too much for my taste. I will not support the abuse of power. Cut him off.

Elayna at Explo
Second session starts today! Her regular courses are Improvisational Acting and Molecular Gastronomy; Wednesday workshops are Japanese cooking/language/culture and Hip-Hop Dancing. My girl is branching out. :)

Link Soup
* Fed up with bulk mail? Mail them a brick.
* Walled cities! This is relevant to my interests.
* Ink calendar. Works by capillary action. Nifty!

Daily Science
Best press release title ever: Company Denies its Robots Feed on the Dead.

Today is pretty much going to be all Blogathon auctions. This will indeed take hours. Also need to get to the post office to mail BPAL; may send Adam to do that.
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