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Happy birthday to brigidsblest and ojouchan!

Happy early birthday to ragingamazon, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader crotchetyoldfan!

Finally got a halfway-decent night's sleep last night. Hopefully energy levels will be up today.

AUCTIONS GO UP ON MONDAY. If you're donating an item, I need pictures and a description by the end of the day Sunday; I expect setting this up to take much, if not all, of Monday.

If your item isn't done, but will be, please send me in-progress pics and, if available, pics of what it will look like; if not pics, a description.

If your item isn't done and won't be done, I need to know ASAP, because I need to make stuff or beg for stuff to cover any shortfall, and time is short.

I think you guys are going to be blown away on Monday. We have a tremendous variety of really nifty stuff! And the whole things goes to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. :)

Click here to sponsor me!

My favorite bagpiper totally friended me on Facebook.

Link Soup
* You should buy wirealking's chapbook and upstart_crow's book.
* The secret history of knitters for NASA.
* New Kij Johnson story!
* New blog discovery! Craftastrophe. Like Cake Wrecks, but for crafts.
* Roman fort in Siberia?

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* It may sound like something from a highly stylized science-fiction film but imagine a soldier who could detect threats by seeing in all directions at once. A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have taken the first step to turning this futuristic vision into reality with a new imaging technique that involves light-detecting fibres that could be woven into a flexible web or even a soldier’s uniform.

* Research by a group of Montreal scientists calls into question one of the most basic assumptions of human genetics: that when it comes to DNA, every cell in the body is essentially identical to every other cell.

* Discovered 13 years ago, and officially added to the periodic table just weeks ago, element 112 finally has a name. (Copernicium.)

* Gooey hairy...thing in the ocean near Alaska.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Cobalt blue swirly skirt, BPAL Phoenix Steamworks tee.
Reading: New Space Opera 2 and Stays Crunchy in Milk.
Writing: I think "Happy Hour at the Tooth and Claw" is up next; it's been gestating for a bit, and I have pretty clear visuals on it. I do also need to work on "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)", but it feels like "Happy Hour"'s nudging my brain more actively. And I need to edit "My Empire for Ashes". Hate editing. I think part of my problem with it is that all three stories I've sold have been first drafts (I put two additional paragraphs in "Angel", but that's all), so part of my writerbrain shoves things off to the side if they scan as needing work.
Planning: I really do need to get on that writing and editing today, and the last-ditch plea to Blogathon auction item donors who I've yet to hear back from. Tomorrow's ArtBeat! I don't think we have any active plans for Sunday... perhaps we'll go see Harry Potter. Elayna's home this weekend, between Explo sessions.

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