Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Unrelated to anything

feste_sylvain returned from his way-too-long work trip yesterday, and he came over today. Yay! Had missed him terribly.

Being as he was gone through my entire withdrawal process (yes, Adam deserves a medal for dealing with my withdrawal alone), he was surprised and conflicted to find that, in his words, "There's less of you!"

And I realized I'd forgotten to mention it here. So yes. The silver lining of severe nausea: I lost 10 pounds, and I'm down a jeans size. And I realize that with my body weirdness (new kids, I dropped 50 pounds with catastrophic suddenness on my first anti-seizure med, then gained it all back and then some on my fifth; neither extreme was good), people don't automatically know if this is A Good Thing.

So. I tell you that it is.

Not the nausea. That sucks. (And it's mostly back to pre-withdrawal levels... I don't say gone, because I've had nausea on every anti-seizure med. Six years. That's about as fun as you think it is. Remind me to post about the months where I'd lost my ability to read.)

But the weight loss itself is good, because I'd been carrying too much for my frame, which was exacerbating the pain and making it more difficult to get exercise. But this and the increased energy are eabling me to go out for walks again. I look forward to being more in shape.
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