Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Your questions answered!

What is one of the most important characteristics in a friend?
Aii. Just one? Trust. Honesty. Loyalty. Yes, I'm cheating.

What do you do when following your bliss is financially scary?
I don't know that I'm the best person to answer that one! I'm in the unusual position of being free to pursue what I want to do because my physical issues prevent me from doing a day job. If I *could* work, I don't know that I could have felt okay about leaving a paying gig to follow my bliss. Anyone else want to take this? kythryne, sihaya09, coffeeinhell?

Would there be anything in your life that you'd like a "do over" card for?
No... if I did anything different, I wouldn't be the same me. And I've screwed up plenty of times, and had nasty stuff happen to me... but all of it has shaped me, and I like who I am now.

If you were 13-in-body, what would your Explo "course load" look like?
Oooh. I'm assuming I'm going both sessions, which means four classes and four workshops. Hm. Mythbusters, Actor's Workshop, RPG Design, Short Story Workshop; workshops would be Circus Skills, Iron Chef, Stage Combat, and Swimming.

What do your cats write?
Mostly stuff like "e76476587zzzzzzzxd". Very experimental.

How are you? Really.
In-between. I feel like I might be better off physically than I've been in a while, but I'm hesitant to embrace that because I'll feel crushed if it goes away. State of mind is much better - that yo-yoing was clearly a Lyrica thing.

how old were you when your health issues first showed up?
29. I had asthma as a kid, but I didn't have anything Major til the epilepsy diagnosis when I was 29 (though my mother wonders if my childhood spaciness = simpl partial seizures that never got diagnosed).

How do you face the possibility of your own death? That of a loved one?
By accepting that I am not in control. I do what I can - I take my meds every day, and I take care of myself as best I can - but ultimately, I have the awareness that I could drop dead fifty years from now or five minutes from right now, and there's nothing I can really do about that, outside of minimizing risk factors. So. I try to do everything I want to do; I try to not have regrets. I try to live fully.

How do you want to be remember, in the end?
As someone who did good things, who made the world a better place. Also I would like to have written someone's favorite book. :)

How can you make your own life better?

Which two TAL categories would be smartest right now?
Joy & Inspiration and Utility Blends.

What did you do to get yourself surrounded by so many amazing people?
I don't know, man, but it must've been something good.

Is it me? Cause I'm seriously starting to think that it's me.
It's you. The force of your awesomeness warps the universe around you.

You write of supernatural powers, of gods and things beyond human you believe they exist?
Yep. This world has too many quirks to *not* have some beyond-human things going on.

How many roads must a man walk down?
One... two... *crunch* Three.

When have you ever felt the most free and with no worries?
Um. I think there was a week in preschool?

Are writerbrain and organizedbrain mutually exclusive? They seem to be for me.
I find them to be so. Some of the meds I've been on have sidelined chunks of my brain - and I found that I wrote and thought completely differently with my writerbrain than with the other parts of my brain. It was very weird.

Ever done primal scream therapy?

Who is your daughter's bio-donor (other than you)?
Layne, my then-boyfriend in Vegas.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Molasses gingersnap.

Where precisely would you like to be (and doing what exactly?) at the time you answer this question?
The churchyard in Woods Hole, MA, with my notebook and a cup of coffee.

Quick--name two sea creatures!
Sea urchin! Horseshoe crab!

How is your Social Security disability application going?
...yeah, I need to get back on top of that process.

Do I LOOK like a goat pasture? ;-)
...not last I checked.
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