Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to Max!

Hello to new reader mer_moon!

Took it easy yesterday, and managed a brief nap. Didn't sleep well, thanks to The Itchening. Can't get in to see my allergist til the 22nd. :( I'm thinking I need more tests and possibly shots; I'm getting just a few uses out of any given anti-itch stuff before it starts to give me hives. Fie.

Still at $433.34. Please sponsor me!

Many thanks to the donors who are sending me their photos and info!

More information for donors: a) You'll ship to the winner, not me. b) Remember, you can probably claim shipping, the cost of materials, and the cost of your labor on your taxes - BARCC is a registered nonprofit!

And I'll e-mail people today; never got around to it yesterday.

RIP Charles Brown
I was stunned yesterday to see that he passed away in his sleep on his way home from Readercon. I was just on a panel with him on Friday. He didn't seem *healthy*, per se, but in no way did it seem like the end was that near.

Tectonic shifts in fandom.

I have come away from Readercon with poetry dares and story requests! Today is.... maybe my third day alone in all of July, not counting the brutal-withdrawal days. So hopefully I'll be able to get back on the stick today. I do look forward to using most of August as a writing month - it's easier for me to write when I'm out of my house and not distracted by the dishes and the mess on the coffee table, so Florida will be good for that.

Did I mention that I'll be in Florida starting August 10th? I will. Mostly South FL, but I'd like to wing up north and see morenasangre, farren, and haikujaguar, if I can swing it.

My husband has an LJ!
It came up this weekend that people were unaware that Adam is on LJ, because I refer to him here by his real name and not his LJ name! He's yendi. You should read him.

This may be the best post on disability that I've seen. Read it. Please.

Link Soup
* "Have fun at dinner!" As the site says, "There's so few genuinely subversive acts out there anymore that when we actually came across one, we were stunned silent."
* New Weird Al song!
* CPR certification... on the Wii?
* New site for teenage feminists!
* I can totally see Adam doing this.

Daily Science
We've been peeling bananas wrong our whole lives.

Well, I do have to contact item donors, and I have to see what else I have to write for the Blogathon. (If I can't split a story up reasonably, I'm writing something else to go with an extra item; I have three Persephone items and only two Persephone poems, so I'll write another.) Also I need to answer the rest of the questions from the question/secret poll. And a certain editor wants to see some of my flash, so I have to pick a few favorites and ship them off to him.

I may or may not be at Diesel tonight. I'd like to go, as I haven't seen y'all in a while, but it depends on how much I get done.
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