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Happy birthday to enderfem, silme, wcg, and ysabel!

And it would have been tx_db8r's birthday today, too.

Exhausted. Utterly. I think that my energy levels will be up to managing cons in the future; problem here was that this was my first real activity in two weeks, thanks to the Lyrica withdrawal, and it was too much too soon. I'm taking it easy today.

Thanks to thesilentpoet, we're up to $433.34!


Auctions go up on blogforbarcc a week from today.

Not as many panels of interest this year, and there was the exhaustion factor - but hanging out with a troupe of lovely singing poetesses all weekend was totally worth it. Was most excellent to see (and meet) other people, too!

I am feeling a little conned-out. Pondering whether to skip Pi-Con in favor of a longer visit to Florida. We'll see.

Jessa's Story, which needs a title
It's the second of the three big backstory segments. And I finally figured out how to start it! Yes, I have about 13K on it already, but I always knew the beginning was wrong. Basically, it's been starting at the earliest chronological point I've written her at - an unfortunate encounter with Jeramie when she's 14. And while that absolutely shapes her future interactions with him - and Fenris's - it sets the wrong tone for the story as a whole. But - duh. I used a framing device for "My Empire for Ashes", and also for Alanna's story, so. Framing device. The last night of Jessa's life.

No link soup today, because I've been away from the computer for a bit and don't know what's up....

Daily Science
String theory has come under fire in recent years. Promises have been made that have not been lived up to. Leiden (The Netherlands) theoretical physicists have now for the first time used string theory to describe a physical phenomenon. Their discovery has been reported in Science Express.

Must contact Blogathon auction-item donors. Must also nap; difficulty sleeping again last night.
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