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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to anverie and sindrian!

I am going to say this with great caution and with fingers crossed:

You guys, I'm feeling... better.

Clearer, faster, more balanced. I am feeling more like *me* than I have all year.

Now I fight the fear of that me-ness going away again. Because I had this when I started Lyrica - didn't I? Did I ever feel this okay? Or was it just that Trileptal was so dramatically horrible that the twilight of Lyrica felt like a decent normal to be at? Where I am right now is good. But. Will I lose that?

Consider this: I have been brainfucked and sedated for almost 6 years. It's hard to gauge normal.

And the hope that I'll have my brain back... wild fluttery hope. But I can't let myself get too attached to the possibility, because I don't want to get crushed...

Up to $369.34, thanks to Paul Graham Raven. :) Sponsor me!

Quote of the Day
"Success is not the arrival, it’s the fact that we had the stones to make the journey. The arrival is the result: the success happens every single moment between now and then."
--Kelley Eskridge

Link Soup
* Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage, sued the U.S. government Wednesday over a federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Go Mass!
* This, on the other hand, is awful.
* Would this be considered business casual at iRobot?
* Interesting idea.

Daily Science
AN ILLUSION device that makes one object look like another could one day be used to camouflage military planes or create "holes" in solid walls. The idea builds on the optical properties of so-called metamaterials, which can bend light in almost any direction. In 2006, researchers used this idea to create an "invisibility cloak" that bent microwaves around a central cavity, like water flowing around a stone. Any object in this cavity is effectively invisible.
Now a group of researchers has gone a step further. "Invisibility is just an illusion of free space, of air," says Che Ting Chan, a physicist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a co-author of the study. "We are extending that concept. We can make it look like not just air but anything we want." Instead of bending light around a central cavity, the team has worked out the mathematical rules for bending light in other ways. For example, a material could be designed to bend light in the same way as a spoon would. So the light hitting the material would be distorted to make it look as if a spoon were there.

Daily BPAL
Season of the Inundation: Sweet, black silt mingled with holy myrrh, melilot, hyssop, spikenard, balsam, cedar, and a hint of melting snow from the Abyssinian hills.
In bottle: Dirty/clean. Does that make sense? Rich loam, fresh water.
On me: Clean with that base of silt. There's the balsam. Nice.

The Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones: Cacao mixed with ground maize, agave wine, and octli, mixed with herbs and spices native to central Mexico.
In bottle: Cacao/agave yum. Also? It's polka-dot! The cacao note separates.
On me: Eh. The maize becomes primary. Spicy corn oddness. Not for me.

Um, the stuff I was supposed to do yesterday. **shuffles feet** Plus I must bake cookies for the Goblin Queens. Tonight, Goblin Fruit party! And I might make it in time for the 9pm panels, we'll see.
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