Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Your questions answered

(Aside from that "What do you want?" from the universe. I'm working on that.)

Do you believe that underwear are optional in a polite society?
Sure! Whatever you're comfortable with.

What are your thoughts on love?
That's... another one of those big huge questions. Um. Hm. Love is everything. It's too enormous to ever be encompassed. On my best days, I am like a too-small vessel spilling over with it. I am in awe of its enormity and power and joy. I don't know that any words are truly sufficient for it! Just the idea of it is overwhelming in the best of ways.

How do you do it all? I continue to be amazed by your stamina.
How do you keep up with it all?
How do you keep holding it together?

Three different people asking variations on this one, I kid you not. And it always makes me go o.O to see questions like this, because oh, you guys, I do not feel like I'm keeping up with it; I do not feel like I've got it together. I've spent much of the past few months not holding it together at *all*. I'm starting to feel like I can get a handle on things again now, as the Lyrica clears my brain. (My brain is FASTER!) But. I am always in a state of juggling so much and I am always just about to drop the ball on things (with plenty of actual ball-dropping these last few months).

How do I do what I do? Brute force of will. Because I HAVE to. For my family or for my sanity, or even just because no one else can.

It took me forever to figure out that this was autobiographical.

What's your favorite time of day?

If the two of us could go anywhere in the world together, where would you like to go?
Agh! Um. Everywhere. I will have to keep thinking on this one.

Why on earth did Sci Fi change to SyFy? I know the whole texting thing, but seriously.
Because they can't copyright "scince fiction" or "sci-fi", but they can copyright "syfy".

Do you dream of things that have happened?
Hm. Things that have already happened? Or do I dream of things that happen later? Both.

Can you give me some tips for hair products and maintenance? My hair is getting longer, and out of the people I know online or IRL, your hair looks like it's the most like mine in terms of curliness and texture.
Don't brush it! Use shampoo & conditioner for curly hair, and find a light non-crunchy defrizzing product you like. I've had decent results with Garnier Fructis and Frederic Fekkai; my current favorite is Aquage. My hair tends to get dry, so I use moisturizing/curly hair stuff. Wash, condition, squeeze out excess water and gently towel/pat-dry, scrunch in defrizzing stuff, let air-dry.

So, how've you been?
Whuf. Detox is ending, thank goodness. Next phase of the 'song starts now.

What was your earliest memory?
I remember my mother pacing the room with me in the middle of the night, holding me - couldn't have been more than a toddler. It's just a tiny flash of memory, but Mom's confirmed that that was what my room looked like back then...

What was the worst detox you've ever been through???
Crystal meth.

How do you decompress after your "priestess duty"?
Walking and listening to music = doubleplusgood.

What has been the best thing that has come from having Epilepsy and your other medical conditions?

Finding some modicum of peace with the transitory nature of life and health. Getting over the panic and living in the moment, not fearing the end.

Ever have words wound you so utterly to the quick that it took months for you to find a sense of balance?
Months. Years. Some word-scars are probably there for good.

What book in your collection do you most want to see made into a movie, and what part in said movie would you want to be cast in?
Hm. I don't tend to want to see my favorite book made into movies - the book is alwys better, and some adaptations are downright awful.

(Along those lines, though, you can cast Shayara characters if you're so inclined.)

Keep asking - will answer more later!
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