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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to eustaciavye and [Unknown LJ tag]!

Bed at midnight, woke up at 2, back to bed at 4, woke up for good at 9. So. Still not getting an accurate non-tired picture of how I'm doing.

Up to $353 - thanks to new sponsors firebirdgrrl, arianhwyvar, cos, gwynraven, lordlnyc, and fmi_agent!

People donating items to the auction - sealgair made a Flickr group for it! So add your pictures here.

I will be bringing my infamous molasses ginger cookies to the Goblin Fruit party tomorrow night. Because gingerbread is Traditional, you know. Mostly for witches. But for at least one Goblin Queen.

Link Soup
* Whee! New Bordertown anthology!
* SyFy seeks next big space opera. I want a Vorkosigan series. With Peter Dinklage as Miles.
* Via tithenai, an awesome job listing.
* United breaks guitars.

Daily Science
Aerosol delivery of an engineered virus halts lung cancer progression in mice.

Daily BPAL
Litha: Golden honey and moss, with honeysuckle, chamomile, parsley, white gardenia, frankincense, carnation, vervain, gum arabic, yarrow, and liquid copal.
On me: Floral feh. :(

St. John's Eve: A summer bonfire, with frankincense and myrrh, bay rum, and white rose.
In bottle: Campfire. With a man. A really good-smellin' man.
On me: Resins and bay rum, yum, and the luscious campfire smell. Very evocative.

I was a bit more active yesterday, so today maybe I'd be up to more houseworky stuff. Silly thing I gotta do: figure out what yarn goes with what project. Because I have a bunch of yarn and a bunch of queued projects, but I'm frozen so far as starting, because I have difficulty holding multiple options in my head, and so wait, was I holding onto that for the shawl? or was I making a scarf out of it? and if I'm wrong, I don't have enough of this for that... so I need to just dump the yarn bag out, evaluate, and write stuff down.

And I should check out my craft cart and see what I have for making more Blogathon stuff. There are two lovely necklaces on deck for House Tamra (from qotcpcf and glinda_w) - must touch base with upstart_crow and see which House(s) she's making (a) necklace(s) for, so I can get stuff set up for the others. And whatever other projects I'm making stuff for. Need to touch base with people who offered stuff a while ago but havent commented since, to make sure they're on board. I may not actually need to make anything else, but I need to be sure.

Tonight, Adam and I hope to finally see Moon; Elayna's staying at Explo. She's singing this at tomorrow's talent show.

And how are you?
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