Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Catching up on camp stuff

For those living vicariously through my kid. (Which would include me, especially this week.)

* This past week she wore cat ears every day. This upcoming week, she has decided on hats. She has requested the loan of my ViolentBelle mini top hat for tomorrow. I am considering it.

* Friday's main event was an '80s-themed dance. <3 Her Saturday trip was kayaking and a visit to the Minuteman National Park; today was the Institute for Contemporary Art and Fanueil Hall.

* Random Explo fact: kids attend from over 40 states and over 40 countries.

* Every year, a kid gets momentarily misplaced. Last year, a kid fell asleep on the bus and got driven back to the bus depot. >.< This year, a kid tried to catch up from the slower-moving group to the faster-moving group on a trip and got lost on her way.



So yeah. Elayna ended up at South Station, where she located a map - and tried not to cry when she couldn't find the "you are here" dot or the ICA (they were on their way back to the ICA from Fanueil Hall). A nice couple saw her distress and let her use their cell phone; she called the main Explo office and they sent one of the staffers to get her.

The "holy crap this is a small world" part of this?

The nice couple? Both of them were former Explo staffers.

Anyway. She got over her distress quickly and well, thank goodness. And - she did really well, I think. She got to a recognizable landmark, she found a map, she called camp. I mentioned that ideally she should've gone to the MBTA staff to ask to use their phone, but the couple stopped and asked if she'd like to use theirs before she'd gotten to the "okay, what do I do now" stage. She kept her head about her. And... now she knows that being lost isn't the end of the world.

On the brighter side...

* She made yet another new friend on her kayaking trip. And the friend? Is a fellow s00j fan. For serious! Who found s00j's site whilst Googling for cool bands. She was very "NO WAI!" when she heard that Elayna actually knows and has sung with s00j.

So aside from today's separation from the group, she's having a blast. Tomorrow night's main event is a carnival. Hm - come to think of it, that hat totally works for the carnival theme.
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