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Happy birthday to theferrett and naufiel!

Hello to new reader 19_crows!

Closing out Week One of detox. I have slightly more of an attention span now. Massive headaches, but that's at least partly due to the weather and the jaw-clenching. Trying to rest and stay hydrated. Prone to the shivers. Still not up to much physical activity (weak like kitten!), and generally exhausted and dropping things out of short-term memory.

What I don't know is how much of that is Lyrica detox, and how much is Gabitril ramp-up. The particular hell of changing anti-seizure meds... you can't just stop one and start the next *after* the withdrawal, because that leaves you excruciatingly vulnerable to seizures. So you have what's usually six weeks of your body hating you, which can end up with you realizing that Untenable Thing X is a side effect of the new thing, not the withdrawal from the old thing. And then you start all over again.

What I *do* know now is that the Lyrica was not doing a thing for the fibro. Because my pain levels have not fluctuated at all this week. So that's good. Next thing I'm dropping is the Robaxin - dialing back to using it only when I'm in extra pain. I can't quit the Celebrex (the only thing that really works on the pain), the Lunesta (I flat-out don't sleep without it, and sleep-dep triggers fibro and is a major seizure risk), or the Toprol (the heart palpitations are not life-threatening, but are hella disturbing, and I don't get untenable side effects from it), and I have to be on an anti-seizure med. But I don't know that the Robaxin does much. We'll see.

Thanks to sponsors eustaciavye, highway_west, maxymyllyn, B. S-C, and my first anonymous of the 'thon, we're up to $85!

Please sponsor me!

I really need to write my big comprehensive post about Blogathon today. For you guys, and for BARCC - my volunteer coordinator wants to help me publicize.

And - I know times are hard. But sexual assault rates rise in times of economic distress, and our budget, like everyone else's, has been slashed on the state level. The Blogathon matters more than ever. We raised over $3,000 last year. It really does make a huge difference in the services we can offer survivors and their loved ones, and the community as a whole.

Astrid offered me Blooddrop fragrance oils for Blogathon, but my brain isn't holding options very well right now. Which of these reminds you of something I've written?

Stuff is getting mailed today. Really sorry about the delay. :( The weather has made walking to the post office a bad idea, and especially when I'm in anti-seizure-med flux, I should not drive. Adam has the day off today, so we can do that and go to the library. *nod*

Is next weekend. As of now, I'm just on one panel (The Year in Novels) and the Interfictions reading, which suits my current struggle for coherency just fine... hopefully I'll be feeling much better by then, but if not, I can handle reading off a list of what I've been reading and telling you what I thought of it.

So who-all's going?

Link Soup
* Wow, what an unfortunate cover.
* These look awesome, though.
* Preorder this book!
* CAPTCHA fan art.

Daily Science
Hear the music your brainwaves make.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Dark red pants from the Wiscon Clothing Swap, BPAL Inquisition shirt (the Lab has decreed that I am Naughty).
Reading: Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab by Christine Montross. Read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater yesterday, and I am telling you, it is this year's Hunger Games. Intense, spare, wistful, lyrical, with some fascinating ideas.
Writing: Ha. I can barely write an LJ post right now. I'm tossing around ideas for a possible new story to run during Blogathon, though, along the bottom of the posts.
Planning: Shipping BPAL & hitting the library today. And perhaps we will finally get to see Moon. No plans Saturday. Sunday, the Wyrding Studios party at eustaciavye's, if I can get a ride.

My life has pretty much totally been on hold for a week now. I am being as patient as I can, but I do not like not knowing how long my life will be on hold; I was hoping to travel a bit in July, and as of now, I cannot make plans. I could be feeling better tomorrow, or not til August. I wait.

And how are you?
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