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Blogathon - important stuff!

Sponsor me!


Are you doing Blogathon?

Yes, on Team Venture (in person)!
Yes, on Team Venture (long-distance)!
Yes, on my own!

If you're blogging, give me your link and I shall pimp you. We shall all pimp each other.

I was up at 4am, ack. So I'm not coherent enough to do my big all-about-Blogathon post. But a really quick FAQ:

* Blogathon is July 25 9am EST - July 26 9am EST. I will be posting fiction & poetry every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. This is my seventh year doing Blogathon. Whoa.

* I'll also be auctioning off shiny things at blogforbarcc - auction runs 7/20-7/27.

* If you are artistically inclined and want to donate something to the cause, please make sure you're on this list! My brain's only half here. If you're not on the list, you have slipped out of my head. Mea culpa. You are welcome to donate more than one thing! I have Concerns about having enough things.

* You do not have to send me the item - you can send it directly to the winner. But I need a photo and description by July 19th at the latest.

* And even if your item is nowhere near ready - can you give me a general idea of what it will be? Too many "something"s there! Just - "pendant based on jewel queens" or "handspun for "Unruly Harvest"" or whatever.

* If you want to make something but don't know what, here are some ideas!

* Go click here anyway, just so you can see some of the amazing stuff we'll have!

* Even if you can't sponsor or bid, you can help me spread the word. BARCC helps thousands of survivors every year. You can help facilitate that. Be a part of something awesome. Pass this info around. Tell your family or friends. Interview me on your blog. Whatever.

Now I try to go back to sleep.
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