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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Monday monday

I swear I will not keep shuffling around going "THIS SUCKS". But wanted to record other detoxy things: alternating chills and sweat. That thing where you can barely shuffle across the room. Skin gone way oily, which is a song-normal I'm-sick thing.

I was able to read a bit yesterday, so there is *some* improvement.

I didn't get to Elayna's orientation yesterday. :( But Adam took her, and she is at Explo today, all excited.

Her schedule:

Explo Unplugged - Beginning Guitar + Songwriting
A crowd of friends. A coffee house setting. You. On stage. Performing covers and originals on an acoustic guitar. Never picked up a guitar before? No problem, this course is for beginners. Together, we’ll learn basic chords and strumming techniques as we investigate the craft of the singer-songwriter. We’ll mine the catalogues of artists ranging from the Beatles to Gnarls Barkley as we explore song structure and subject matter. We’ll workshop your first foray into writing an original song – honing verses, rhyme patterns, and choruses – and prepare you for an unplugged final performance, featuring music that you’ve stamped with a trademark that is uniquely you.

Trash or Treasure? - Found Object Art
One person’s trash is another’s work of art. With proper forethought and design, landfill-bound junk can relay messages that will make your audience think. You’ll learn how to inject personal meaning through metaphor while transforming everyday objects into art. Working within a recycled aesthetic, we’ll scrounge for our materials and learn to turn commonplace items into shared ideas that will start stimulating conversations. Come find the potential beauty of putting together simple things that others would throw away.

And afternoon activities that vary daily.

Wednesday workshops:
Hip-Hop Dance
You’ve got a great beat stuck in your head and you’re itching to move. Look no further! Translate that contagious energy into dance! You’ll break down your favorite hip-hop moves and learn the building blocks of hip-hop dancing. So turn up the volume and get ready to MOVE!

Musical Theater
Be a triple threat. Sing, dance, and act in this workshop designed to help you develop characters, learn vocal projection, prepare songs, and move like a star. We’ll work on scenes from musicals like Chicago and West Side Story to help you hone your skills. Put on your dance shoes and warm up your vocal chords, because you’re going to Broadway!

And for people who like living vicariously through her: the summer site.

I hope to nap through much of today. Will drink water.
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