Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Welcome back to returning reader flutterbychild!

Legs still unreasonably unhappy. The rest of me's okay, though.

Following Up
* Did everyone get all of the stuff they won in the "Send Elayna to Explo" not-a-raffle?
* Has everyone who ordered a Wind Tunnel Dreams book received it?

* I'll start putting preview images up in blogforbarcc this week - just got fresh batteries for my camera.
* If you have pics of what you're donating, please to be sending! And also make sure I have the link to your store, if you have one.
* Deadline for getting me pics and info is Saturday, July 18. Auctions go up on Monday the 20th.
* If I have more than one item for a shorter piece, guess what? You get a sequel! "Wool and Silk and Wood" has already got several items inspired by it, so that gets a bit of the novel about the Jewel Queens' younger daughter; the grandmother takes them in, you see. And I may have to write more about the mangrove dryad/mermaid.
* I will write some new stuff just for Blogathon, but I'll be writing it in the weeks leading up to Blogathon. So as to make myself less crazy.
* As it gets closer, I'd love to do a blog tour about it, if anyone wants to interview me.

Oi, Philadelphia friends!
Somebody (locked post) needs housing options! Think "inexpensive" (anyone need a housemate?) and "allows cats".

Elayna's Explo Schedule
First session: Session 1: Beginning Guitar & Songwriting, Molecular Gastronomy, Latin Dance, and Musical Theater.
Between sessions: Trip to NYC (including Wicked on Broadway!) and Yale, to check out Explo's senior program.
Session 2: Improvisational Acting, Found-Object Art, Hip-Hop Dance, and Traditional Japanese Cooking & Culture.

Starts Monday, and she can't wait; she's busy making plans with friends from last year - "We'll meet at my favorite tree!"

Link Soup
* Marching band. On Segways. On fire. Playing Philip Glass. Here.
* Excellent Tim Pratt story.
* Connections.
* Dancing plagues.
* A library of the world's most unusual compounds.
* Electric Velocipede needs slush readers!
* Adam & Jamie's giant coding cryptex.
* Coping with pain blog carnival.
* Trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo!

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Far below the Black Hills of South Dakota, crews are building the world's deepest underground science lab at a depth equivalent to more than six Empire State buildings - a place uniquely suited to scientists' quest for mysterious particles known as dark matter.
* A single molecule that reliably emits white light could speed the development of low-energy LEDs for the next generation of light sources and displays, say chemists.
* How does language shape the way we think?
* Weird stuff in our solar system.
* Researchers expand clinical study of brain implant.

Wow, that's a lot of links today. Hi.

Work on clearing the e-mail backlog, call people who get in at 9, clean in office - til Elayna gets up. Then it's a haircut if they can fit her in, and clothes shopping for Explo (child has *no* shorts!). And packing up stuff from my BPAL sale. If you haven't paid yet, please do! I'll be going to the post office tomorrow.
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