Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

I would like to congratulate my daughter on surviving middle school! She graduates today! Celebratory lunch at Zaftig's. :) (EDIT: If you're her friend on Facebook, congratulate her on her Wall! :) )

Hello to new reader drwicked!

Legs are tight; I developed a blister last night on the walk from Central Square to Harvard Square, so I was hobbling and overcompensating with the other leg the whole way home. :(

Everyday Weirdness bought "Tea with Nanahuatl" and will be running it next week. :) (And it's another fiber-arts piece, so knitty/spinny/crochet-y people take note!)

Blogathon Craftiness!
We have a great list so far - let me know if you're doing something and aren't on that list yet!

BPAL/Arcana/etc. Sale!
Massive, I tell you. I'm in get-money-in-a-hurry mode, can you tell?

Link Soup
* The Crowdsource Tarot. Fascinating.
* Interfictions 2 auction manager needed!
* Barbie Foosball Table.
* Pyro art. I want to do this!
* And this: The Notificator, a 1930s sort of Twitter. Would make a great public art installation.
* The X-Babies are back? SRSLY?
* I want to go to there. And there.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* eXteme life!
* Overweight planets
* I still want everything from the Particle Zoo.
* Y'know SETI@home? You can do the same thing for medical research with Docking@home!
* Here's another for the knitters: Thread made of crab shell and polyester can stitch together broken nerves.

Gotta run - graduation! (Go Elayna!) Then lunch, and maybe e can find a Borders so she can spend her gift cards. May or may not be at Diesel today. If I go, who wants Wind Tunnel Dreams books ($15/ea)? caulay, lifecollage, anyone else?
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