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Happy birthday to deliasherman!

Hello to new readers cassildra and write8dine!

Woke up at 3. Shortest night of the year indeed.

Weekend Update
I posted a list of potential Blogathon craft ideas (sairaali wants to know if there are any woodworkers in the house!) and a miscellany about stuff like "My Empire for Ashes" (first pass done!), Places You Haunt, making stuff, and all manner of other things.

Down with EvilBay!
Since they take a cut and then PayPal takes a cut and they don't release the mony for months, et cetera, I'll be running the auctions on LJ this year. Join blogforbarcc!

Speaking of Making Stuff
Hey, musicians! Want to do a song for Interfictions 2 (including my story "Valntines")? Check this out!

Still plenty of time for crafters to get in on the art auction!

It's gone beyond my ability to talk about it coherently. Here. Watch these. Read these.

No Link Soup
Because I'm pretty much still on reading hiatus...

Daily Science
While information technology is generally thought to require electrons or photons for transmitting information, scientists have recently demonstrated a third method of transmission: chemical reactions. Based on a flammable “infofuse,” the new system combines information technology and chemistry into a new area the researchers call "infochemistry."

The BPAL winnowing and sale-posting must happen today, as I've got a thing to pay off this week. (Hey, also, anybody want a copy of Wind Tunnel Dreams?) Cannot start til Adam wakes up. Nyargh. Going to see Moon this afternoon, and have BARCC meeting tonight.

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