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Sunday morning miscellany

* Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and most especially to my beloved Adam!

* Finished the first draft of the Telenias/Katrina story, "My Empire for Ashes"! 14,700 words, and I expect it to grow to ~20K upon editing. Yes, most people edit stuff out; I edit stuff in - things I rushed through, or things to clarify. I feel increasingly like this is a novel. It outgrew its original short story, became a novelette, and will lively be a novella before the week is through. Which is pretty much an unpublishable length. But I never expected to publish this... anyway, I think that in order to fully explore what happened between Alexander and Katrina, and do justice to the process of becoming the Telenias, it would need to be a novel. Especially if it's to serve as an introduction to Shayara, for the uninitiated. But I think I can have something fairly complete at novella length.

* As my booth-bunny swag for helping kythryne at the Concord Arts Market yesterday, I got a Places You Haunt pendant. Something to wear as I write it. I pondered my usual lavish "OH HAI I AM SHINY" preferred style, but I was increasingly drawn to the idea of making something that Doodle would wear. And once my brain latched onto that, that was it. So now I have a quartz point simply cage-wrapped in copper wire, on a handspun silk cord. It looks like something he could've gotten from a street vendor on Fremont. (A really, really good street vendor.) I remember walking past the guys with their quartz points and wire all spread out on a blanket, bantering on my way to Glitter Gulch. I'm pretty sure I had a few pieces from there.

* So yes, I'm writing Places You Haunt; Doodle's been coming up more and more as I clear my brainspace of Alexander.

* Yes, I write guys a lot.

* Am pondering hosting a biweekly salon at my place - for writers, knitters, spinners, and people who just want to hang out with other nifty people. I'd do weekly, but it would drive poor Adam spare.

* I knitted a headband out of recycled sari silk from mendoza, and am working on this in Crystal Palace Iceland and this in red/orange/bronze sock yarn from Phoe. If you give me yarn I will make stuff. I will do knitting to it.

* Blogathon! Kyth gave me a "Valentines" piece and an ocean jasper sphere for the dead of Haven, and she helped me make earrings for "Twelve" (a glass leaf from each tree, and a single drop of blood red Swarovski crystal) and a woven port-cover pendant for "Apostate" (miscellaneous shiny things strung on thin gold wire around a thick copper spiral).

* Dudes, your Blogathon ideas are awesome; keep 'em coming. Also. Since I'm not writing things based on your items this year, I don't need them in my hands - so it seems easier for you to just mail them to the winners, and just send me pics for the auctions. When you do, please to send detailed descriptions & measurements. Thank you! You all rock!

* Blogathon is July 25. I like to get auctions up the Monday before. So that's the deadline.

* I am trying to think of non-eBay ways to run auctions. eBay takes a cut, you see. So does PayPal. I'd be happiest with auction winners going directly to BARCC's page and donating, then sending me their e-mail receipts; that gets the most money to BARCC. Anyone know of/have experience with alternative auction sites?

* That is all for now.

EDIT: Okay, join blogforbarcc!
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