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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Blogathon craft idea generation

Went through my copy of WTD on the way up here, and here are some things that fell out of my brain. Got something that would work along these lines? Great! Want to make something? Great! Or do whatever you want!

Thorn & bone, for the sleeping beauty flashfic
Faceted crystal
Jewel queens
Galen's collar
Raven-makes-the-world feathers & red beads
Word jewelry: "freedom"
Shayara House jewelry
Glass beads for "When Her Eyes Open"
Faience jewelry for the Ushabti
Chains for Ananke
Charms for Ordinary Magic
Something clockpunk for Time poem

Galen the gryphon
Incense for dragons
Spring floral for spring poem

Song for the sirens
Spice rub for Heritage Breed turkey
Berry something...? for Unruly Harvest
Tarot card reading for the original version of "Fortune"
Maybe a Photoshop adept could make an image of the discards of "The Angel of Fremont Street"?
Stone/glass mosaic
Book for House Tarak
Altered book art for "The Library, After" or "Valentines"
Hari_Mirchi says: "Any woodworkers lurking around? I would totally buy a nicely balanced spindle with alchemical symbols carved into the whorl."

And you could do pretty much anything for Places You Haunt or "Undertow". And anything steampunk for "Clever Vasilissa". And lots of things for the "Ravens in the Library" version of "Fortune".
Tags: blogathon.2009
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