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Happy birthday to rosefox!

Happy early birthday to cheshyre, k_crow, static_eddie, and treadpath, who all advance a year over the weekend!

So I get these prolonged-contact delayed-reaction allergies, where my body abruptly decides that something that was benign yesterday is Deadly Poison today. Yesterday, that thing was my lotion/"body creme"/moisturizing stuff. Massive itchy welts springing up everywhere it had been applied.

Having no Benadryl in the house, I had to resort to Zyrtec, which cost me my brain for the rest of the day, and made me sleep through the afternoon *again*.

And... dammit, I *liked* that product, and I have no clue what the evil ingredient there is. Most products like that use soy, which I already know I'm allergic to. The hunt continues.

I'll be e-mailing people who donated items last year to see if they'd be willing to this year. "No" is an acceptable answer. I don't want to be pushy, but I don't want to miss out on something because the person, like me, hasn't been reading LJ.

Head Reset
Something's happened that... significantly reshuffles parts of my life in ways I can't discuss yet. Not negative, cautiously positive. Just different.

Image of the Day

Link Soup
* Casting call for greyhounds in Boston.
* The National Pain Foundation has a new website.
* Adopt a classroom!
* The Salton Sea.
* Could the Buffy cartoon really happen?
* I love this idea.

Daily Science
"MICROLUNGS" grown from human tissue might one day help to replace the vast numbers of rats used to check the safety of drugs, cosmetics and other chemicals. The work is part of a growing drive to develop toxicology tests based on human cells as a replacement for animal testing.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Lost Girls Pirate Academy shirt, jeans.

Reading: Between books at the moment. I've stuffed Idolon by Mark Budz in my backpack, and will bring my Kindle, with Interfictions 2 being the priority on that.

Writing: I want to finish "My Empire for Ashes" this weekend. Whenever I finish a chunk of Shayara, my Shayara necklace gets added to, and since I'll be with Kyth this weekend... I suspect that, with my mindset, I'll also be working on "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between", a wistful sci-fi romance for someone I keep failing my saving throw against.

Knitting: New section! I was working on a scarf for my mom yesterday, but I discovered that I hated the yarn and the thought of doing anything with it made me want to tear my hair out. So. Bringing my Mystery Yarns to Kythryne today, and she'll help me figure out what they're good for - and she'll help me start a shawl. I think the "Reclamation" yarn I got from Natural Obsessions might be enough for a shawl, and it's gorgeous.

Planning: Packing up for an overnight trip to Wyrding Studios soon as I finish this post... playing with Maggie and the new puppy, making an admiring shiny things, hanging out with Kyth and Amy, helping Kyth at the arts market.. I think this is just what I need. Coming back late Saturday, and Sunday's Father's Day, so Adam should decide what restaurant/movie/whatever he wants to go to!

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