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Happy birthday to bridgetminerva!

Hello to new readers highway_west, jen_lawrence, suncrash, and ursamajor!

Legs are still really tight. Walking three times the length of the Parade (at least) then standing at a table for four hours? Inadvisable. I slept all afternoon yesterday. :( Hopefully today Ill get back to mostly normal.

* catvalente needs help! Details here, and I'll be throwing a copy of the WTD book and perhaps some BPAL rarities into the adoptingcat sometime this week. She's channeling L. Frank Baum here...
* coffeeinhell, too! Now would be a great time to make some s'mores.

Iran is Burning
Background here. Constantly updating coverage here. Up-to-date blogger coverage here, here, and here. List of Twitterers from inside Tehran here (I'm following @Change_for_Iran and @persiankiwi mostly.) Photos here.

Elayna and I are both wearing green today in support. (Adam probably will, too. He's still asleep.)

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
Link Soup is all science today because that's what people send me when I'm off-LJ.

* Stem rust fungus - a 'time bomb' for the world's wheat crop. Hey, barthanderson predicted this...
* Warp drive engine could suck Earth into a black hole.
* Female bugs evolved to prevent rape.
* DJ Alpine Kat of the LHC Rap is back to drop knowledge about rare isotopes.
* Acoustic black hole created in Bose-Einstein condensate.
* Scientists create a form of 'pre-life'.
* New superheavy element to be added to the Periodic Table.

Unknown. Probably a cleaning/organizing day, followed by a last-minute push on Miss Kid to get all of her homework in by Thursday's deadline. She got a lot of her back homework done, but needs to turn it in.

Still haven't been reading LJ, so if there's something I ought to know, point me to it!

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