Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Checking in

Two not-me fundraising pushes:

* catvalente needs help! Details here, and I'll be throwing a copy of the WTD book and perhaps some BPAL rarities into the adoptingcat sometime this week.
* coffeeinhell, too! Now would be a great time to make some s'mores.

coffeeinhell is making chocolates for the Blogathon auctions. Yay. :)

Otherwise. Yesterday helped - tabling for BARCC is always good, draining and physically arduous though it is. Because it's something I believe so fiercely in. And Pride is a happy place - good energy.

They Might Be Giants! Woo! Though I was hobbling that time, I did my best chairdancing, and was able to dance a little during the encores. Hasty setlist I posted on Facebook: "The Alphabet of Nations", "James K. Polk" (with confetti guns, boom!), "The Guitar", "Asbury Park"; the entirety of Flood, in sequence; "The Mesopotamians", "Clap Your Hands", "Older", "New York City", "Doctor Worm", and more that I totally forgot because I was so wiped out. You know you're raising your kid right when she's rocking out to "Birdhouse in Your Soul". (And yes, that I spent money on - because I bought the tickets in March, with birthday money. Hush, trolls with excessive interest in my finances.)

Speaking of money, that's going to be the determining factor in what I'm doing this week. Adam gets paid tomorrow, and we have to see how much of that can go over to the printer. Last month's money fiasco was part Wiscon (where I did keep to my assigned budget, but it's more money than usually comes out of the account), part a sneaky "Oh, send at least $80 with your kid for the Washington trip!", part shipping being about $100 more than Adam anticipated, and part Adam looking at what's in the account and not what's in the check register to make spending decisions. So. Will not happen again, this confluence of unexpected argh. But still it leaves us trying to sort things out.

Going to Philly for the Spooky/Hugh/Nikki birthday extravaganza is $140+; if I can swing that *and* the printer bill, great. So. It looks like today is the day to start putting the BPAL I don't wear up for sale. (The Storyville is going, and the Le Mat set, I know that.) Which I've been putting off only because it's so time-intensive, but it needs to happen. The time-intensive part isn't event the sorting and choosing, but - shipping little orders of three imps here and one bottle there is time-consuming, aggravating, and expensive. So what I need to do is sort them into thematic groups, photograph them for oil levels, and hit eBay. Yes, you guys will get first crack at 'em.

There are lots of things here I want to do, too - art/writing coffee with ultra_lilac, knitting lesson with sairaali, visiting kythryne and meeting the new puppy, date with feste_sylvain, seeing a musical written by one of my BARCC colleagues. And if I *am* around this weekend, there's the End of Summer Party, the Scavenger Hunt, helping Kyth at the market, and Revels at the Arsenal - all on Saturday. Nyargh. Too many choices. I go 'splode now.

Physical state of the 'song - legs are still throbbing, and thanks to speaking at top not-quite-yelling volume about BARCC for for hours and singing along with every single TMBG song, my voice is a croak. So I am going to go soak in the tub and hope that that helps. Then the BPAL sorting. And if any local BPALerinas want to come help sort/categorize/photograph, they can have first crack at my rares.
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