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Blogathon 2009!

I posted a call to artists, crafters, makers of things last month; it is time to renew.

This year's Blogathon auction schtick is me posting fiction/poetry I wrote that you made something for/about; we auction off the piece and take sponsorship for the story, and all money goes to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Last year had me writing pieces for jewelry, music, boxes, yarn, bowls, everything under the sun. So when I say makers of things, I really do mean anything.

You can find links to all of my published-online stuff at (or in the top post on my LJ). And you have over a hundred Wind Tunnel Dreams to choose from; April's are here, and you can get the TPB for $15 + $4 s/h, or the e-book by PayPalling me what you think a 70K, 400-page book of short fiction and poetry is worth. If you're *definitely* going to commit to doing a piece, I can send you the e-book free.

For explanation why I'm shifting to stuff made for my stories as opposed to writing about other people's stuff, see call-to-artists link.

People who've signed on so far:

* Me, ultra_lilac, & themaskmaker: "Fortune" chapbook
* ioianthe: Wind Tunnel Dreams mask
* freyapax: Beaded lace shawl for the mangrove dryad who wanted to be a mermaid.
* arianhwyvar: Undetermined, but something shiny!
* spoothbrush: "Autumn" earrings - the pomegranate-seed-esque garnet dangles. Possibly also Jewel Queens pieces.
* emilytheslayer: tea cosy ("And to my Wife...")
* ladydrakaina/sheistheweather: calligraphed/illustrated poem
* sheistheweather: Jewelry
* fiddle_dragon: beaded doily ("Spiders Spinning Lace")
* fiannaharpar: cookie mixes (Places You Haunt)
* stringmonkey: plastic yarn bag (Places You Haunt)
* haikujaguar: postcard-sized print of the mangrove dryad
* kythryne: "Valentines" pendant
* kythryne: "Haven" pendant
* sweetevangeline: "something visual-arty"
* conscience: doll
* coffeeinhell: chocolates
* azhure: Ostara, based on "Spring Skipped Town".
* ojouchan: something!
* Astrid @ Blooddrop: perfume oils
* littlebuhnee: crocheted treasure tote ("Choosing of the Fairest")
* sealgair: earrings: Turquoise, copper wire & "verdigris" feathers. ("Flying Lessons")
* dulcinbradbury: yarn for ocean stories
* eilonwy: yarn for "When You Burn"
* beetiger: incense for "Politeness Counts"
* sihaya09: steampunk earrings for "Clever Vasilissa"
* niftybabe313: necklaces for the mangrove dryad
* Me: Earrings for "Twelve"
* Me: woven port-cover for "Apostate"

I have 48 spots to fill, you realize. *laugh* I have some ideas for stuff I can make, but I can't fill out the roster by myself. So if you have anything that you make that is inspired by or puts you in mind of anything from my published work, Shayara, Places You Haunt, Wind Tunnel Dreams, or even anything you know I've got in process, do please post here! It all goes to a good cause.
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