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Happy birthday to tamidon!

Unreasonable lethargy. To the stumbling-around point yesterday.

My Internet Daughter is Here!
I have one for-real daughter, and four more who have decided that I'm their mom; three of those are Elayna's friends, and one is zarhooie, who is isiting for the extended-weekend. is a very silly extended weekend.

The last S00j show of the season...
...and I'm not as bereft and pining as I was when she left in December '07. s00j and omnisti hav graduated from "people I have wild friend-infatuation with who I miss terribly because we may never adventure again" to family. And family is always there, no matter how far away... and family will always come back. And besides, I have their voices with me wherever I go...

s00j's setlist is here; videos are going up (poor quality due to light and also that you can sometimes here me singing along) and being labeled, but here's a particularly special one: s00j reading my flash piece "Politeness Counts, Especially With Dragons", an excerpt from the Swanleigh-Fulcrum Guide to Cryptozoology. s00j was delighted to discover that there are more excerpts scattered through the Wind Tunnel Dreams book, and that there will be more. That may be the next chapbook.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
The books are here, and shipping is imminent - today, we hope. But you can still get a copy, and I hope you do.

Link Soup
* 20 abandoned cities, towns, and places.
* Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Day?
* fiddle_dragon has a tambourine store - empty right now, but bookmark that and come back!
* Zombie tools. You guys, I really really want the Zack Axe.
* Video tour of the Neon Boneyard, the setting for Friday's storybit.

Daily Science
Imagine tiny robots crawling inside of you, diagnosing problems and imaging your body. Israel's Technion has developed just the tool: the ViRob, a robot with a diameter of 1mm. It's controlled by external magnetic fields, and it crawls through veins.

The minuscule robot is powered and directed by external magnetic fields. That means no wires or batteries. The robot uses its tiny arms to grip walls and propel itself forward. Once it's in, it can operate essentially autonomously, relentlessly trolling through the desired areas of a human body.

Lunch mob in Harvard Square with zarhooie, Adam, and whoever else shows up. 11:30, by the newsstand. Bosto Rape Rape Crisis Center peer supervision meeting (BARCC Peer Supe) tonight.
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