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PYH: Setting the Scene

If you read yesterday's thing, you'll have picked up that we have this extended family of sorts living in an apartment building. I'll break it down further for you.

Hathaway House is a three-story apartment building in Vegas. Each floor has two apartments. There's a big wooden staircase up the middle of the building; it is highly decorated. The public spaces in the building are very much community space!

Apt A: Currently vacant. This is where Griffin and Axis lived, and some of their stuff is still being stored there.
Apt B: Martin Telenias, landlord and superintendent and caretaker and all of that.
Between the apartments: the laundry room.

First Floor:
Apt 1A: Petra Delaney. Petra does fabric arts, mostly batik; evidence of this is all over the building. She's made wall hangings for every apartment and then some, and toran for all of the doorways. When she has a batch she doesn't like, she tears it up for scrap and makes it into windsocks or just lets Kaylin play with it. She's in her mid- to late-twenties, African-American, tall and slim and lovely, with braids often tied back from her face with some bit of dyed silk. But 1A is more of a studio than an apartments, because she's moved in with...
Apt 1B: Arthur Warwick. Arthur's a bike messenger - long lean musculature that only seems like gangliness because he's irrepressibly silly. Original haircolor unknown - his bathroom counter is cluttered with Manic Panic in every shade, and he usually uses two or three at a time on his mohawk. Since Petra moved in with him, she's been encouraging his creative side, and he's gotten into woodworking. His first successful project was a table, which he swiftly duplicated - the tables outside every apartment, which are commonly laden with gifts of flowers, cookies, or things people made, are by Arthur. He's in his mid-thirties, with the slightly-craggy face of someone who's seen more bad shit than he should've.
Out back: Stone benches, grill, firepit - group hangout spot when the weather allows.

Second Floor:
Apt 2A: Currently unoccupied. This is where Kellen and Crystal lived, and no one who's lived there since has stayed for long. "Bad juju," Arthur says. People generally stay for just a few months, leaving the rest of the residents with lots of colorful stories when they leave.
Apt 2B: Wendy Caldwell. Mad potter. Martin says ruefully that she'd better stay there for life, because he'd never be able to get all of the clay dug out to make it habitable for the next person. Everyone's got a mug by Wendy, at the very least - usually a bowl or two as well. Her day job is as a cocktail waitress at a casino just off the Strip; Kaylin's school is on her way to work, so she walks her to school most days. Wendy's in her late twenties - getting to the age where she needs to start thinking about changing job, maybe dealing blackjack. She's petite, cute as a button, with a sleek chestnut-brown ponytail that gets twisted up under a bandanna when she whips out the clay.

Third Floor:
Apt 3A: Doodle & Kaylin. Doodle's paying gig is as a computer consultant; he's one of those absent-minded savant techie miracle workers. His real gig is his art - graphite/charcoal, watercolor pencils; oils and acrylics when he has a mind to. He adopted Kaylin when she was a baby, when her Crystal abandoned her; in a way, they've grown up together. He wears denim overalls almost all the time. Usually paint-smudged. It's his silhouette in the baggy overalls and his corkscrew-curly hair that gave him his nickname; he looks like a loose wild pencil sketch come to life. Kaylin's gig? First grade. Her teacher wants her to skip a grade or two, but Doodle's resistant to the idea, concerned that she'll have trouble adjusting. She's just fine now, sunny and sweet and very bright. She's in Petra-dyed dresses half the time and Doodle-daddy-style overalls the other half, and her preferred medium is watercolors. He's in his early thirties; she's 6.
Apt 3B: Sara Darien. Administrative assistant by day, shy fledgling poet by night. Sara's the newcomer here - she's lived in Vegas for four years. She doesn't talk much about life before Vegas - jut that she came from back East. She and Doodle were fast friends; they dated for a while, then scaled back to just-best-friends, but she still acts very much as a mother to Kaylin, who can be found as often in Sara's apartment as in Doodle's. She's very reserved with pretty much everyone but Doodle and Kaylin, in a way that suggests something in that pre-Vegas past that hurt her deeply. She's in her early thirties; long light-brown hair with long bangs, and a killer smile that not enough people get to see.
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