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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ellyssian, mllelaurel, and we_happy_few, and my beloved elionwyr!

Hello to new reader stella_nordica!

A little too much exercise yesterday for the legs and back, but sleep seems to have adequately hit the reset button. Went to bed at 9:30! Sleepy 'song.

Places You Haunt
Thanks for the kind words, guys! I feel better about the story already - instead of something static that revolves around Sara piecing together the story, now we have a community evolving over time, and that is a thing that interests me - that extrapolation. Interested writers tell better stories.

The Summer Trip I Wish I Could Take
Back when we were assuming that Elayna would get scholarship money for Explo, I was looking into a Vegas trip - had she gotten a full scholarship, I could've afforded a one-month rental in the area I'm writing about. Full immersion to work on Places You Haunt. But she didn't, so I couldn't. It'll be fine anyway. But I find that actually being there brings up interesting things writingwise.

Summer Schedule
Going to Philadelphia for elionwyr, hughcasey, and ysobelle's birthday on June 20. Anyone else from Boston going? If not, I must look into buses.

I must be in Boston July 9-12 (Readercon) and 25-26 (Blogathon).

We'll all be in NYC August 8-10, visiting Adam's mom. Elayna and I could stay an additional few days, and maybe fly down to Florida right from LaGuardia.

So there we go. Must plan travel around those dates.

Helping my reset buttons: housecleaning. My daughter's office area is spotless now, and my office is markedly tidier. I really want to get my office in better shape, because I'd prefer to work in there - I've been at the dining room table, so I get distracted by the dishes in the sink and the mountain of catalogs and clutter on Adam's side of the table. This instills guilt - how can I be sitting here writing when I have housewifey things I ought to be doing? So I have to do housewifey things (the reorganization of my office) in order to not feel like I should be dong housewifey things (because I can't see the house's Problem Areas from my office).

Link Soup
* emilytheslayer has a new website and upcoming podcast: We Have Thumbs" is about the making of stuff. :)
* Night Shade Books is having a 50% off sale! On all in-stock and upcoming stuff. I'm not at a stage yet where I can review Lightbreaker, but if you're a magic/occult geek, you want it. So far as Night Shade goes, you want one of everything.

Daily Science
Some squids have a light organ on them which they use to camoflauge themselves from predators below them. The organ is filled with a luminous bateria that the squid can activate to light up. The idea is that the squids can illuminate their organs to match the light coming from the surface of the water, thus confusing a rising, hungry fish or giant crab monsters recently loose from attacking deep sea oil drilling stations.

By studying the molecules of this organ, however, researchers have discovered that it is both capable of emitting AND registering light from the environment. It contains a protein also found in the squids' eyes that is used to "see" light.

Office stuff and Places You Haunt stuff. Also probably hanging up Elayna's clean clothes. *fidget*
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