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Happy early birthday to amazon_lil, jadecat9, mamagotcha, and skyra the Eminently Fabulous, who all advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers cafenowhere, claireeddy, hypatia_j, noise_chick, and zeelandia!

Body issue makes it inadvisable for me to go to New Hampshire today/this weekend. Grr. Pain level's not bad, though. Post-con recovery continues apace.

So instead
I get to help my daughter clean her room tomorrow, so she can find all of the stuff she needs for her school's Washington, DC trip. She'll be at a Girl Scouts outdoor program aide training all day Sunday, so Saturday's her only shot to do that and some catchup homework. Perhaps Adam and I will go to the movies on Sunday.

Elayna and Homework
Pretty much caught up in Humanities, and getting there in her other subjects. I have promised her a celebratory slumber party if she gets every piece of homework turned in. There was a heavy negotiation process. She gets two friends, Chinese food, chocolate ice cream, and the use of the video camera to film a satire of cleaning-products commercials. But only if she does the work.

Alexander Tallart

A very bishounen Alexander, before he becomes the Telenias; art by the fabulous ultra_lilac!

More on Names
The newest Stupid Republican Trick? Insisting that Sonia Sotomayor change the pronunciation of her name to make it less "unnatural".


A good quote surfaced in the comments: “A name pronounced is the recognition of the individual to whom it belongs. He who can pronounce my name aright, he can call me, and is entitled to my love and service.” - Henry David Thoreau

I can count on one hand the number of people outside my immediate family who've ever pronounced my name correctly. I actually changed my name because I was sick of 35 years of people mangling it. I feel for Sotomayor. And I'll damn well keep pronouncing her name correctly.

I'd toyed with the idea of getting am Amtrak go-anywhere pass for the summer, while Elayna's at camp... turns out they're prohibitively expensive. *stompyboots* *glare*

I'm restless. Everything in me wants to go go go. Wings beneath my skin. This was a thing I did not know how to take into account when I was pregnant and deciding whether to have and keep the baby - that I would be so rooted. I pretty much left the next when I was 14 - wow, the age Elayna is now - and did my pinball progress around the country; I never could stay anywhere.

Since Elayna? Six years in Florida, five in Atlanta, and coming on three here in Boston. And we'll be staying here - not just in Boston, but in Watertown - for at least another four years, til she graduates, because I want her to stay with her friends.

But I have itchy feet. So whenever I know she'll be gone anyway, I like to tumbleweed around. I want to be with her as much as I can, but if she's not going to be here anyway... (And yes, I love my husband, too! But he's a massive introvert who desperately needs solitude sometimes.)

Wish I could drive Stupid epilepsy. :P

EDIT: mgrasso sums it up, from an outside perspective: "When you're off on adventures it seems like a really natural thing for you. Like you can make your home on the road, or make your home where you find it. To you, home is more people than places?"

Link Soup
* Read this. Just do.
* Another Wiscon thought: "950 people overcoming our Imposter Syndrome".
* charlesatan has a question for you: "What are the leading free fiction sites when it comes to horror, mystery, or crime?"
* The newest thing from Google. Fascinating.
* Feminism: Because stuff like this still happens.

Daily Science
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found a cosmic "ghost" lurking around a distant supermassive black hole. This is the first detection of such a high-energy apparition, and scientists think it is evidence of a huge eruption produced by the black hole.

Finishing "My Empire for Ashes" for real. And cleaning up around here.

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