Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Midafternoon Miscellany

* "My Empire for Ashes" is up to 13K; I've killed Cara Telenias, and Martin has just called upon Alexander to serve his house, his people, his Lishaya, his gods... Next, I get to have him break the news to Katrina. That he will be leaving suddenly, be gone for months, and will return... changed. She will not take this well.

* Google Alerts revealed my name... on a Star Trek wiki?!? Oh. Dude. kradical Tuckerized me and didn't even tell me, sly bastard! I am a Lieutenant Commander! Or, well, I was; I was killed by the Borg. Ow. Did I die a noble death, Keith? Did I get to set my phaser on kill? I must buy Star Trek: A Singular Destiny and find out.

* We've ordered the envelopes for the Wind Tunnel Dreams books; pre-orders should go out next week, then I'll see how many copies I have left before I start pimping it here. Yes, you can still order it!

* Knitty update! My first too-wide scarf will become a throw. I've knitted a perfect-width scarf - that's what I was working on at Wiscon - but I don't know how to bind off! So I'll bring it up to NH, and kythryne can show me. Next I'd like to learn to increase and decrease so I can make shawls for me and my mom & grandma, and cute kerchiefs for me and Elayna. It's a gradual process, getting things into my muscle-memory... I can't take on a bunch of new skills at once. My memory issues teach patience. I don't *like* patience! But I accept that I need it. The other new skill I need is knitting beads in, so I can make this amulet scarf. *nod* I have yarn for that set aside - the "Reclamation" colorway by Natural Obsessions ([Bad username: freyapax>). And that is all for now. Also, please call me Lieutenant Commander Lipkin. If you find this insufferably silly, take it up with/blame <lj user=]. *nod*
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