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Wiscon Recap, part the last

This is the day I wore the fabulous Trashy Diva dress. So I felt like a pretty princess all day. *decisive nod* I needed the courage! This was the day of my first-ever Wiscon reading. I didn't know my co-readers or what they'd be reading, so I took a wide variety of stuff, from creepy to silly, and went down for breakfast with asim, scooping up sterling_raptor along the way.

At breakfast, Doselle Young gave a whole little speech about how hot I was. I hugged him. This is not relevant to anything else. It just kinda made my morning. :)

I meant to go to a 10:00 panel, but I got caught in conversation in the lobby. This is not a bad thing, mind you. At Arisia, that drives me nuts - but that's because at Arisia, most of the people I see in the lobby, I see all year long. At Wiscon, these are people I see once or twice a year. So lobby conversations = doubleplusgood. :)

Lunch at Cosi with s00j, popelizbet, sterling_raptor, Alex Bledsoe, tn_tiger, pretzelcoatl - emilytheslayer, I think. Who else? I'm having trouble reconstructing this part. The hazards of not taking notes.

And then - dun dun DUN - my reading.

Now, I did not expect a lot of people to come to the reading. Don't chide me for being self-deprecating! :P It was up against some great panels and GOH Geoff Ryman's reading. So we actually got a few more people than I thought we did - bit over a dozen. s00j, popelizbet, sterling_raptor, tn_tiger - was Kendra there? - csecooney and her friend... again, trouble reconstructing. Man, I really have to get better at either taking notes day-of or writing my recaps on the plane ride home. If anyone can fill in the gaps in any of my recaps, please do. Brain damage is a bitch.

The reading = Catherine Cheek, with a chapter from Practical Magic-ish southern witchy family story; Ellise Heiskell, with a story about growing wings; cathschaffstump, with an intriguing snippet about Shakespearean theater, muses, and romantic quadrangles; and me, with a bunch of poetry and flash fiction.

My setlist, for the curious: "Nine Things About Oracles", "And to my Wife..." (perfectly suited to a feminist SF con, and I'll leave it at that ;) ), "The Library, After" (Mac the quantum unicorn PI always gets a laugh), "The Portal to Heaven", "Seven Faeries of Boston" (I was homesick), and "Politeness Counts, Especially With Dragons" (which s00j promptly fell in mad footstompy love with). Was there anything else? I think that was it.

All of my stuff was very well received! Laughter and "ooh"s in all the right place. Yay! :) Thank you all for coming! I wish we'd had home-baked cookies! The maple creme ones were yummy, though. Also, next year I'll take charge of the flyers so they go up more than an hour before the reading. *plaintive look* And, so - who wants to read with me next year? Never too early to form a group!

Went from that one to haddayr/Will Alexander/barthanderson/David Schwartz's, and got to be front row center with the fabulous csecooney and friend. haddayr read from an instantly-intriguing YA novel-in-progress that I know Elayna and I will want to share; Will cracked me up with the tale of a little boy who is very intent on Justice; Barth showed that he's been immersed in organic and sustainable food issues; Schwartz read an office siege thing that didn't really hold me, but then, I was feeling nappish.

Went straight from that to Take Back the Sci-Fi. You already know how that went.

I want to reiterate, since some people have been apologetic about taking a lot of time to hash stuff out, that I was more than happy to talk to you s long as you needed me to. This is my Cause. I do this for not-a-living, volunteering several times a month to lead community discussions about rape and sexual assault. They're just usually more finite! But usually I have a bit more control over the discussion and where it goes; I was struggling between my panelist training to let the moderator lead and my natural inclination to wrest the whole thing back on topic and take over. I hope to moderate this next year, and promise that if I do, we will actually have the discussion listed in the pocket program. Conversations about sexual harassment and assault within fandom itself is a valid topic in itself, and if that gets on the program, I'll volunteer for that panel as well - I ran one like it at Arisia.

So I was happy to be there and happy to be having a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion - I think a lot of great stuff got accomplished in the after-panel!

Four hours is a lot, though, even for me. So I called s00j, who'd texted me towards the end, and said "Hey! Can I come hang out with you and talk about anything but rape?" She said "Yep!", so I did, and she played me "Salad of Doom" and "Lucia", and she wandered around topless, and I was cheered. *laugh*

Cheered, but hungry; it was 9:00 by this point! So I found sterling_raptor, and we had a leisurely late dinner and luxuriously long conversation at the hotel restaurant. I had the pomegranate-lacquered breast of duck, which was a total foodgasm. Mmmm. Must save up for next year so I can eat there more often!

And then I wandered the party floor with Sterling, then LJless Kendra, far into the night. Got to watch asim do his thing at the bellydance party, hang out with markteppo and barthanderson and watch people drink cheddar-bacon martinis (I am not kidding! There is video proof!) at the Scribe Lit Agency party, and wound down talking to Margaret Ronald and Kendra at the Anticipation party; I think we've convinced Kendra to write her nifty MesoAmerican dark fantasy novel!

Until I could walk no more, and stand no more, and make sense no more, and retreated to bed.

And... Monday morning, we had to leave. If I didn't hug you goodbye, it's because I had to catch the 9am airport shuttle! I returned home, slowly transitioning out of conspace. My husband roasted me a chicken. :)

* I love cons. So much love. Especially Wiscon, which is full of pretty girls who tell me that I am lovely and charming and cute and that my dress looks like it was *made* for me and all of that. So whee!

* If I didn't name-check you, it's not that I didn't adore you! I adored everyone! Mesial temporal sclerosis = a lesion on my hippocampus = a broken short-to-long-term memory buffer. Things slip. Remind me!

* Two con-crushes. One female, of the "You are pretty and your brain is so shiny, and can we hold hands and sigh adoringly at each other like Victorian maidens?" variety. One male, of the "If I knew you'd be receptive to it, dear lord I would drag you up to my room right now for some serious hot makeouts" variety. Yeah, my crushbrain's still teenagery. I told neither of them. Shy girl will admire from afar. *wistful sigh*

* Wiscon folks who've friended me: please tell me if we met and where/how! Help me put faces to LJ names! Everyone should feel free to friend me no matter what, of course, but I'll feel silly thinking of you as a stranger if we were actually hanging out at some point. :)

Here endeth the recap. *decisive nod*
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