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Thor's Day, which is my Friday this week

Happy birthday to sartorias! She asks that you celebrate by leaving her a bit of beauty.

EDIT: And happy birthday to firespinning twirling madcap impish glorious omnisti!

Hello to new readers badger2305, cabell, deepforestowl, ninjacooter, qemorio, sassy, stringmonkey, were_duck, and willowfagan!

Ow. Why so much ow? I do not know. Had a bitchslap of fatigue yesterday that kept me from getting to my massage appointment. So grr. My body's releasing the stress, and re-acclimating after a weekend of go go go.


This is a galley for Interfictions 2. Which I am in. *bounce and squee* They'll have them at the Small Beer Press table at BEA this weekend, so if you're there, grab one, and I hope you like my story! If you're not there? You can pre-order. And remember that you can commit art for it!

But yeah, bounce and squee! Because yeah, I have magazine publications. And there is the awesomeness that is Ravens in the Library. But Interfictions 2 is the first time my grandma can walk into Barnes & Noble and point to a book and say "My granddaughter's in that." So yeah. Leveling up.

Link Soup
* Oh, hey, Parrish Relics is on Etsy! I have two of her pieces. Gorgeous.
* Oi, locals: summer sublet available in Powderhouse Square!
* Oi, writers: horror novel contest!
* Oi, people who need websites: check out Clockpunk Studios!
* Oi, everyone: You can read the first chapter of murnkay's Stays Crunchy in Milk here!
* This Heroes fanvid of "Jizz in My Pants" cracks me up. Oh, Sylar.

Daily Science
Genetically engineered glow-in-the-dark monkeys.

...I would like a monkey.

Friday memage on Thursday, because I won't be online tomorrow!

Wearing: Tigger pajamas.
Reading: The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti (upstairs), Lightbreaker by markteppo (downstairs).
Writing: "My Empire for Ashes", which I am determined to finish the first draft of today - a) because I'm itching to move on to "I am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between" and "Maxfield Parrish Blue" and b) because when I finish it, I get a Telenias/Katrina piece added to my Shayara necklace. Also, ultralilac's doing some art for it! So Blogathon sponsors get it all in one piece, a preview, and then I'll start serializing it on
Today: Butt in chair. Writing til it's done.
Friday: Busing out to Wyrding Studios to be an office/studio monkey and meet ZOMG the new puppy.
Saturday: Being a Wyrding Studios booth bunny at the Concord Arts Market. You should come, if you're MA/NH local! :)
Sunday: I think I'm busing home Sunday. No firm plans on the Boston side. Maybe watch a movie with the family.

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