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Odin's Day

Hello to new readers liminalia, camillealexa, haddayr, sairaali, mamagotcha, mmerriam, moondancerdrake, thewayoftheid, kimberlycreates, and tn_tiger! Allow me to direct you to the post yesterday where I synopsize myself for your pleasure.

Progress is.

Discussion of the "Take Back the Sci-Fi" Panel
It's become apparent that there is ample need for a discussion, and to run the panel as it should've been run in the first place. To that end, karnythia and I have created an LJ community: takebackscifi. We still need to write up the community rules; I'd like to get the first draft of that done today, as well as my introduction. We should have a discussion post up by the end of the week, I hope. For now, we're the only ones with posting access, but everyone can comment.

Because there is a clear need, and also there's a need for it to be concentrated, not spread over several journals. And also because I need to not have quite that much discussion of rape in my personal space on a daily basis. Yeah, this is my wheelhouse, but it can get exhausting, and I want room to post cute cat pictures.

To That End
I've started a WordPress blog, Rape Culture: You're Soaking In It. Because every day, between feminist blogs, the news, and the BARCC e-mail list, I am made aware of rape and sexual assault issues that piss me off, and I end up not posting them on LJ. Because otherwise this LJ would be nothing but that.

There's nothing at RC:YSII yet; will do an intro post later this week. But. Just so you know. It's there.

Link Soup
As a unicorn chaser: shiny things!
* ViolentBelle
* Sihaya Designs
* Possible Daydreams

Daily Science
Neutron stars have the potential to play an important role in understanding some of the mysteries of the universe. One of factors that could help lead to an understanding of gravitational waves and the mechanisms involved in giant flares in magnetars is the strength of the crust that forms on the outside of a neutron star. In an effort to better understand the neutron star crusts, Charles Horowitz, at Indiana University in Bloomington, and his colleague Kai Kadau, at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, have used molecular dynamics to model neutron stars and come up with improved estimates of the breaking strain.

Recapping Saturday, and maybe Sunday. Writing a good few hours before I cycle back to community prep. Massage this afternoon, and then date night with feste_sylvain.

So! How's by you?
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