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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

The rest of Wiscon was made of win and awesome.

Which I will attempt to summarize, knowing that my attempt is inadequate.

In the airport on the way home, emilytheslayer and I saw a little girl walk up to another little girl and say "Hi!" and make friends. We were musing about the ability of kids to do stuff like that, and I said "Actually, I do that at cons." Cons feel safe for me to just bounce around and say "Hi!" and make friends with new people, like the innocence I didn't get to have when I was wee.

Hi! Wanna be friends?

So! I made new friends this weekend. :) And I saw beloved friends that I'd been missing acutely - some convention family, some circus family. :) I love Wiscon because there are friends everywhere you go.

Started the con at the Interstitial Arts Foundation table at the Gathering, dishing out cookies and talking up the IAF wth Liz Gorinsky. :) I love the Gathering - a collection of fun activities in the ballroom, kicking off the con - because it's such a great way to transition from outside-world headspace to con headspace. Also because everyone is there, so there is a lot of bouncing, squeeing, and hugging. :) I got out from behind the table in time to hit the ARCs-for-$1 table, knock a stuffed cow down with another cow, and get some shiny things from the clothing swap - I dashed into my 4:00 panel with arms laden with stuff from the Gathering. :)

That panel was The Object in the Story, the Story in the Object. Stories in art, objects in stories. Sarah Micklem talked about the divination compass in her Firethorn books, Kat Beyer talked about art in general, I touched on my collaborations with kythryne and ioianthe, The Neverending Story, and objects in myth (as in Inanna's Descent), and Catherine Crowe had a fabulous presentation that cannot possibly be summarized. Great fun!

s00j texted me as the panel was getting out, telling me her room number, and I went up there for some bouncing and squeeing and looooove, as she and K would say. Yes, bouncing and squeeing were a theme here. :) We helped them get their stuff downstairs for the post-opening-ceremonies concert and went for dinner. Got back in time to hit the haiku earring party before the concert, and bring a gift from elisem to s00j. :)

Poor s00j. She had a cold and was operating at maybe 40% of her strength. Which is still hella impressive! But she had to keep modifying the songs to accomodate her reduced power, and I could tell that it was frustrating her. To help, all of us Lost Girls sang along, especially during "Shipful of Monsters".

We hung out in the ballroom after the concert, pretty much til they kicked us out. :) Circus family and con friends, all laughing and talking each other's ears off. :) So much love to all of you.

I cannot possibly namecheck everyone! But. Loved meeting LJless Kendra, grntserendipity, tn_tiger, and more...

And my upper back/shoulders are tense from too much typing, so I'll recap the rest of the con later.
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