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Tew's Day!

Hello to new readers cathschaffstump, csecooney, isyche, karnythia, maevele, pretzelcoatl, and trochai, and returning reader sterling_raptor!

Aaaagh my calves are knotted up so tight, and my feet still ache. Upper back's not happy from hauling the laptop backpack all day yesterday, either. I've got a massage scheduled for tomorrow (yay for gift certificates from my birthmom!), and I'll manage today.

Oh hai!
Very quick who-is-this-chick for new readers who maybe just met me in the hall or saw me on a panel: Hi, I'm Shira. I write stuff. (Bibliography here (I need to update that page, and I need to transition it from Drupal to Wordpress - halp on that?).) I was asked this weekend if that was my full-time job, which made me giggle, because yes! but I also have other full-time jobs. These include mother (of a kickass 14-year-old girl), Informed Patient (epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and a bonus pack of comorbid crap), and activist (community education and prevention team at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, mostly). Yes, all this with the fatigue that comes from fibro and anti-seizure meds - why? Because I can't *not* do it. And because, other than the Informed Patient part, I love it.

Got any questions?

Wiscon Lite
Am drinking coffee from a mug s00j left behind, wearing a shirt I got at the clothing swap, and listening to my new cabell mix CD. On a scale of "1" to "at a con", I'm at a 6. Next con will be Readercon in July - will you be there?

Wiscon Wardrobe
I feel like I'm listing my sponsors.
* The fabulous dress I wore Sunday was from Trashy Diva, purchased in New Orleans on the Palimpsest Train Trip. It was my first time wearing it! I've had medical weight loss and weight gain of fifty pounds (on a 4'11" body) either way over the last few years, and it looks like the curvy version of me is here to stay, so I ought to learn to dress her. This dress suited me so well that I was asked if someone had made it just for me, and the person was jaw-droppy that I had walked into a store and bought something that fit like that. sterling_raptor was pleasantly distracted by the way I moved in it, too. It got lots of comments, and I twirled in it a lot. Damn, I felt pretty.
* The jewelry was, as always, by kythryne of Wyrding Studios, who is just flat-out awesome. And does custom work! The torc I was wearing is a custom piece, based on my once-and-future webcomic/illuminated manuscript, Shayara.
* The glitter eyeliner was by Urban Decay. Sparkly! I need more; Elayna keeps borrowing it to swirl spirals down her face.

Help Somebody!
Check out the How Can We Help You? post and see if you can give someone a hand. I saw a lot of LJ comments pouring through my e-mail this weekend on that and the "what's your skillset?" post, and I have not had time to sit down with those and will not 'til tomorrow, nyargh.

Link Soup
Not much, because I haven't been reading LJ (so comment if you posted something you want me to read) or touching my Google Reader, but:
* I want a tactical corset.
* The Boston police department will let you know when the zombies come. They promised. On Twitter. I love this town.
* You have to watch this - "Stand By Me" performed by musicians around the world, each part building on the last. Sometimes this world feels so small, and so full of warmth and light and love. I teared up. Then again, this is the song Dad and I danced to at my wedding.
* Oh! Dude! There are more! I'm listening to the one from Chennai ("Chanda Mama") right now.

Daily Science
Since the early 1990s astronomers have discovered more than 300 planets orbiting stars other than our sun, nearly all of them gas giants like Jupiter. Powerful space telescopes, such as the one that is central to NASA's recently launched Kepler Mission, will make it easier to spot much smaller rocky extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, more similar to Earth.

I need to post reading lists for my Kick-Ass Moms and Take Back the Sci-Fi panels on wiscon, and I have a special treat for you here, and then I retreat from the internet. I didn't have time to get "My Empire for Ashes" finished last week, and I really want to finish it this week so I can jump into novel headspace by the end of the week, like I promised myself, without the nagging "But you need to finish the Telenias story!" Hopefully I can edit it as I write Places You Haunt. And hopefully the other magical-Vegas stories will spin off of PYH as I'm writing it. And hopefully I will get a pony and a monkey.

I hope to get to Diesel tonight; I really haven't seen the local gang en masse in months. Depends on if I can get my calves to not hate me, or if I can get a ride. I miss you guys!
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