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How can we help?

Results from yesterday's post! If you can help anyone, please do!

Alert the media!
* gothwalk: You could alert people to the existence of Quilldragon and tell people that they should totally put it in their feedreaders. Also looking for more writers there, which may help other people.

* shadowwolf13 wants your opinion.

* siliconshaman: Well... if people could head over to my zazzle store and maybe buy something:

* aaronace: I've still got prints of Follow Me Home available and I'm available for commercial or private commissions.

* fire_my_spirit: I'm being supported by my man-companion while I attempt to make a living for myself doing art and craftwork and writing. I am new at selling things online and doing surprisingly well for myself so far, but not enough to make ends meet when my savings run out later this summer, so any kind of exposure I can get right now would be wonderful. My shop url is and, I am open for commissions.

Someone is actually hiring!
* kimeepower: I work for an AWESOME company in Waltham, MA & we are hiring. Oh we also have an office in Loveland, CO who is also hiring. Go here, & send me your resume if interested & I will forward it on,

Need a job
* emilytheslayer: I need a library job in the Boston area. I just graduated with my MLIS from Simmons, and I'd really like to be in a public library doing either YA services or tech outreach type stuff, but really any professional library gig where I can start getting my feet wet would be awesome.

* weds: There are forty-seven thousand web geeks who will speak up here. They may be shiny and local. None of them are me. I specialize in untangling messes. Legacy tag soup, tables which should never have been tables, pages and stylesheets written by a half-oblivious app. The stuff most front-end geeks run screaming from. I can make them into standards-compliant markup and CSS, polish them up into your house style (if you have one) and/or shunt them over to the shiny blog you're not using because you have all these tangled things. I believe in accessibility, usability, and web standards; I want to help. (Read more!)

* niftybabe313: This is a really long shot, but does anyone know of any job openings in the Pre-K/child care field in the Charlotte, NC area? I graduated in December and have had a hell of a time finding work...everyone wants someone with experience in licensed centers :-/

* ewin: Does anybody work for a company that needs an entry level database administrator/developer? (Columbus, GA)

* shellefly: What I do: Writing, Editing, Software Implementation, Business Analysis, Project Management. The Industry I work in: Academic/Healthcare, but I will branch out. Looking for a job in the tri-state (Philadelphia), salary negotiable, must have medical benefits.

* sheistheweather: I'm in Seattle, and I'm looking for a job that pays at least $13.00/hr and will offer benefits (medical and dental at least) after 90 days. I have experience in the legal field, specifically working with HIPAA and other federal and state health privacy laws. I have 3+ years of solid ofice experience. I speak some Spanish, and a little Japanese and ASL. I have 2+ years of incoming and outgoing call center experience, as well as having been an administrative assistant for that time. I am proficient in the Office suite, and type 70+ wpm. I also have 3+ years of professional childcare experience, and miscellaneous retail and food handling experience, including having been a barista at Starbucks.

* raptorgirl: I still need a full-time job. Desperately. Only this time, it's in Orlando. I'm proficient in Microsoft Office, and I know basic Photoshop and HTML. I can type 80 words per minute. I'm a freelance copy editor, and I can also write when the occasion calls for it. I'm one of the most organized people I know. Either a publishing position or some kind of administrative/marketing assistant position would be a great fit for my skills.

* thespian: I need a job. A real one. That can deal with me going back to school in the fall (evening/weekend classes, but the school considers 5pm 'evening'). I'm a web developer, but I'm not specialized; I am good to low end great at lots of it, but I'm not as specialized as someone who just does graphics, or just does programming. I'm a great fit for someone who can't afford a graphics person, a user interface person *and* a programmer, though. (Boston area.)

* anotherjen: I'm looking for more professional organizing clients in the Boston area. See findyourfloor and

* dimers is looking for work in the Boston area (T or bus-accessible from Davis Square). He has a master's in library science, and is also generally smart, articulate, and able-bodied.

* adrian_turtle: I'm looking for work in the Boston area. I have experience with chemistry, materials science, and quality engineering (unfortunately not biochemistry or software QA.) Even before the economy tanked quite so badly, my job search was difficult because it looks like I'm an experienced engineer who should be qualified for senior positions...but it doesn't quite work that way when I have 3 months of directly relevant experience, and 15 years experience in industries that aren't here anymore.

* fire_my_spirit: I'm in Cambridge, MA...looking for gigs like teaching crochet, if anyone knows of any craft stores or groups who could pay a teacher here in Boston. I am also technologically savvy and organized as all hell, and would be open to a part-time job for the summer, if anyone needed a creative type.

* sinboy: Still job hunting in NYC for customer service/marketing/sales support type office jobs. If anyone you know knows anyone who's hiring, let me know.

* farceur_rouge seconds that: Any kind of that type of job in NYC, preferably Manhattan.

* cypherindigo: I am on the lookout for Librarian jobs in the NE (MD and north, Ohio and east).

* audacian: I'm a recent law school graduate who is taking the bar in July. I concentrated in labor and employment law, specifically union labor. I also have experience in public sector and administrative law. I'm published in a labor & employment newsletter, have 2 years of experience clerking for a labor union office of general counsel, and have good grades/references upon request. Hit me up if you've got a job in this area. :) (New England.)

* dhanwati: I am a photographer and I also do clerical work and customer service/call center stuff.. I live in Pawtucket, and have my own transportation... I am looking for anything in the $15+/hour range... I know its a long shot.. but anyone hiring? (Rhode Island/SE Mass)

* devoken: Looking for basic administrative work, something in the Boston area she can reach via public transit and who would be willing to deal with the medical issues she's currently experiencing.

* siliconshaman: I'm looking for a work from home job, salaried or piecework. I'm a kick-ass researcher, general purpose computer and Biology/science geek. and I have a diploma in Counselling, so I'm pretty good at customer services.

* [Unknown LJ tag]: I'm looking for a job in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I've been working as a legal assistant (secretary/paralegal), but also have writing and other creative skills, and am willing to branch out. I have a kid in a great high school, so I don't want to move, at least until she graduates. Leads, contacts, and good wishes welcome. Piece writing (fiction, poetry, songs) or art commissions would be welcome too, in the meantime.

Need Roommate
* swashbucklr: I'm moving soon to Burlington, VT, and need another roommate for a three-person apartment. It's currently two guys, but neither of us mind mixed-gender living. He works for a living, and I'll be going to graduate school, and we plan on living near both downtown and the University of Vermont.

* jennaria and thesilentpoet: Looking for a third roommate (and possibly a fourth), starting July 1st. So I guess we're seeking signal boost and/or recommendations. Or applications. Waterown, MA.

* rigel: Singularity (our apartment, mine of something like seven years) is looking for a new housemate as of September 1. (Boston area)

Need a home for a cat
* eilonwy needs to find a home for a kitty in the Phoenix, AZ area.

* audacian: In the New England area, trying to find a home for a special needs cat. You can read about him here. He's doing much better and is so freaking sweet it breaks my heart that he is afraid of other cats. Socializing them is not working out very well, unfortunately. :( He's doing much better than he was at the time I posted that ad, but he still needs to be on medication and saline.

Need fundraising
* thespian: I am trying to figure out how to pay for Wikimania. If I get the travel scholarship, I will still need about $400-500 for food and hotel, as well as a passport. If I can get there, I will be presenting, "Wikis: Educational Process, not just Educational Resource", on the things children learn while writing, editing and citing Wikis/Wikipedia.

* amigone: Canada/Alberta student loans have decided that they will not cover all of my tuition this year, and I start school again in July. In order to not have to call Visa and beg for a higher limit and pay endless amounts of interest on the tuition, I've turned my little chainmaille hobby into (hopefully) a business. The link to what I posted on facebook is¬e_id=84961596980 . I don't have photos of everything I have made as some of the things I have made have gone off to their new homes. But if anyone is interested in having a custom piece of maille done, don't hesitate to send me a message!

Need advice
* raptorgirl: I need advice on getting a medical book published--companies/small presses that are into biotechnology, ways to publish online, or agencies that deal with nonfiction/medical books.

* thespian: I need info on scholarships and grants (for Lesley University). I am female, not a parent, 38, epileptic, adult student. My major will be "Technology and New Media in Education" (specifically, I will be studying to learn to use and develop new media to teach kids from about age 8 to 16. I have been a web developer for a decade and a half now, and I want to do more socially fulfilling things with social media).

* marajs: I work for T-Mobile, and my last customer of the day related her situation: her son is a heart/lung transplant patient at Standford (yes, that's the CA bay area) and they are now homeless due to rising medical bills. She has a job, but it's not entirely stable and doesn't pay nearly enough to cover costs. They have been moving from shelter to shelter, unable to find housing and getting more desperate all the time. If anyone in the San Francisco area can suggest where she go for help, or provide direct help, please let me know. I have her email and will forward information along to her as it becomes available to me. Thank you in advance.

* magenta_girl: I need help on getting information about purchasing a historic home that is in disrepair but is not on the market. It is perfect for a B&B especially the one I have in mind. I live in Columbia, SC. I don't even know where to begin with this but I drive past the place every day, and it should not be allowed to fall apart the way it is. There are cars parked there during the day, but I know the former business is no longer operating there. Oh, I also need to sell my house in Atlanta. :)

* upstart_crow: I'd also love help in beating the anxiety that hits me hard from May to August and therefore ruins the summer for me, but that's probably not something anyone can assist with :(

General Assistance
* upstart_crow: I would really love to find someone who could make some book trailers for me.

* tulleandtiaras: I am a photographer about forty-five minutes northeast of Seattle, WA. I need people to experiment on. Anyone who volunteers will get high resolution copies of all pictures from their photo shoot.

* fortunavirilis: South Florida Girl (based out of Jupiter) is in search of a fellow photographer or artist to go on adventures with. The catch- I can't drive so if it is further than a walk from my house you have to drive me there. I've also just switched to digital (Canon Rebel, oh but she's pretty), so I'll still getting used to the swap. Best time is Sunday mornings due to my work schedule, love of my Saturday green market, and propensity to go gimpy during late afternoon (yes, I have epilepsy- fun times). Bonus feature of Sundays- you might get invited to Sunday dinner. You did read about that green market right? We love our organic veggies and such and Hu and I love to cook.

* letoile82: I am looking to find a kick-ass fun and awesome personal trainer south of Boston.

* jarien: I have books to give away, and household items as well. Looking to trade for a recliner/loveseat and a small window AC unit. I live in the greater Albany NY area, if anyone is interested. Oh, also LARP style props and garb (not of SCA quality, LARP stuff).

* tigerbright: I need several people to call me up and take a walk to the playground with me and the kids every day. (Medford MA, but I'll do a 15-minute drive so long as I get at least a 2-mile walk out of it.)

* adrian_turtle: I'm looking for a good primary care doctor in Manhattan, preferably on the west side. (GP, rather than OB/GYN.) She needs to be a good listener who respects patients' concerns and priorities. It's also important that she have a competent office staff that can make appointments, and relay prescription and other phone messages reliably. I'm asking on behalf of a relative who doesn't have complicated health problems now, but is sensitive about feeling bullied by authority figures. That sort of thing is often worse in a medical context, where the bullying is framed as being for your own good. Any recommendations?
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