Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I am waiting for the UPS man to deliver Wind Tunnel Dreams, and I am waiting for the phone call that will tell me whether my OMG YAY thing is happening, and the waiting is being utterly unbearable. Nyargh.

Charged and packed cell phone, video camera, and Kindle. I must not pack any books (besides WTD), because I have my Kindle and I know that I will buy books at Wiscon.

Oh - are any of the Ravens in the Library contributors besides me, s00j, and catvalente going to be at WisCon? zarhooie is sending her copy to be signed.

So. Yes. *fidget* I should pack clothes, I know. And, being a novice knitter, I ought to figure out how much yarn I ought to bring. Oh, emilytheslayer, do alpaca fibers near you set off your allergies? My current thing is alpaca, but I could work on something else instead.

(I have very variable short-term memory, but I manage to engrave friends' allergies into long-term. Never use black pepper around kythryne, and don't even wear BPAL with ginger notes around weds or tobacco notes around feste_sylvain.)


I submitted, um, 16 things today. Mostly flash and poetry, one short story. And I made a project board to show me where all of my things are and have been. Visual 'song is visual. Rewarded myself with curry chicken salad sammich and a skim back through LJ. Did some general housecleany stuff.


I do not know what to do with myself. Argh.

And Wisconners: e-mail me if you want my #, but really, it's a small con - we should bump into each other. Would love to see you. And come to my reading! There will be cookies. And candy. It's 1pm on Sunday, and I know we're up against a bunch of awesome things, so it would mean an extra lot if you'd come!


Okay. Who's coming to Wiscon who wants a book? purplefrog26 and popelizbet, anyone else?

And correcting misperception - this isn't a chapbook, it's a trade paperback. Almost 400 pages. You get a lot of book!
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