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Odin's Day, which is kind of a Friday this week

Happy birthday to delerone, and happy early birthday to dulcinbradbury, jet_li_wannabe, laurelian, moniqueleigh, norilana, [Bad username: oldmotherchaos"], sweetmmeblue, and thedigitalkuri, who all advance a year while I'm at WisCon!

Hello to new reader [Bad username: mebib"]!

Ow. Being less active today should help, though.

Again, Link Soupless
I was away from the computer all day and night yesterday, so I have no idea what's going on in the world. You tell me!

I'm going to try the small-chores, small-rewards system asciikitty suggested to Elayna yesterday. For every Thing I Gotta Do today, there will be an equal and opposite Thing I Wanna Do.

Asshattery Most Vile
I'll write this up more completely at one point, but I was turned away from a 18+ Carbon Leaf show last night for not having ID on me. o.O Now, I didn't bring my ID because I traded my GA driver's license in yesterday for a provisional MA license (they mail you the real thing in 7-10 days), which is about 5"x11" and not easily carried in a pocket (my concert kit = ID, emergency cash, keys). So I didn't bring it, figuring I wouldn't need it because I certainly don't look under 18 and I don't drink at concerts.

But the bouncer not only turned us away, but was an utter dick about it. "Passport? Birth certificate? The time you're spending arguing with me, you coulda been home and gotten it by now." My first instinct was to go over his head to the manager, but I didn't want to make trouble for ioianthe, mebib, and I's brother. So. We went back home and grabbed my ID.

Apparently the bouncers had been chatting about us in the interim, because when I flashed my ticket at Bouncer #2 and went to my purse to get out my ID, he started verbally harassing me immediately. "Show me your ID. Why you gonna go all the way home and then not show me your ID?"

"I don't know," I said, flashing my ID at him. "Why you gotta be such a dick?"

"I was just making a joke."

(Tone of voice - no, he was not.)

The same guy got all grabby-hands later, literally shoving us into the line configuration he wanted. ioianthe snapped loudly, but as politely as she could, "Could you please not TOUCH me?" I commented loudly enough for him to hear that he was on a major power trip, and he no lie tried to follow us out, swerving only when we turned to get mebib's CD autograph.

Note: Where were he and his friend when people when people were being aggressively drunk during the show? Including girls clearly marked with the underage "X" on their hands?

So yeah. Paradise Rock Club. Will be getting a letter of complaint.

Carbon Leaf
The band itself? Fantastic as usual, and we got pretty much all of our favorites but "The War Was in Color" and "On Any Given Day". "Changeless" is joining the pantheon of songs I tear up hearing live. Carbon Leaf is just about at that point on the success ladder where the guys are astonished and delighted that OMG the crowd knows the words!, and that was fun to watch. :) They're one of those bands were you can tell they're great friends. And the music is great. :)

Why I Love New Tori Amos CDs
The songs are so personal, such a clear reveal of her emotional state, that it feels like getting a long letter by a dear friend who writes seldom, but profusely when she does... telling you all about the last few years of her life.

New Tori CDs have been part of my entire adult life. One of few things that have.

Wiscon Travel
I'm flying in tomorrow, leaving here too early in the morning... returning Monday. Behave. No keggers in my comments. ;)

If you want me to bring you a copy of the Wind Tunnel Dreams book, speak up - I'm only packing as many as I need!

Friday Memage on Wednesday!
Wearing: Gray camo skirt; shirt with a picture of a heart and "arrhythmia's gonna get you".
Reading: Cyteen, by CJ Cherryh; The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti; Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.
Writing: "My Empire for Ashes", but I have hopes of getting to the end of the first draft today/on the plane tomorrow.
Planning: All of the things I didn't get done on Monday, plus packing for Wiscon. Gods, I hate packing.

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