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Happy birthday to oneagain and theloriest!

Hello to new reader nayad!

Meh. The troublesomeness today is mostly allergies. Bonus of bitching about one's allergies on Facebook - one gets e-mail offers of Canadian OTC Allegra. Awesome! Um. Painwise, mostly okay; I was still wiped out all day yesterday and went to bed early, but I think I'll be fine today, with the generous application of caffeine.

I was ouchy enough Saturday from walking around Friday and Saturday that I'm definitely bringing my cane to WisCon just in case.

Weekend Update
Stuff I posted that you may have missed: Wiscon schedule, Shayara snippet, confessional.

It's Fen of Color United Day. Watch that community and, hopefully, your friendslist for some awesome fiction, art, and more by and about POC.

"On Monday May 18, 2009, we are asking anyone who identifies as a POC/non-white to post this banner, their speculative short stories, artwork, poetry or simply write a post on their favorite fandom on their blogs as an act of protest to show we will not be silent or invisible. The day of protest is entitled Fen Of Color United or more aptly, FOC_U.

White allies can also show solidarity for this event by posting this banner and expressing the need for diversity and speaking out against the bigotry in the genre, through posts and/or their creative work as well."

Able-Bodied Privilege
I've been urged to write a post about able-bodied privilege, but I haven't had time to gather my thoughts; maybe by Wednesday. If not, next week. But here's some links to start with.

Inspire ioianthe!
ioianthe of The Uncommon Facade is looking for people to inspire her/collaborate with her/barter with her. Which I have in the past, and it was loads of fun.

Link Soup
* Buy haikujaguar's The Admonishments of Kherishdar! She does some of the best exploration of what an alien mindset actually is that I've ever seen.
* This mosque is completely gorgeous. First woman-designed mosque in Turkey.
* I love this shirt. Because it's true.
* Urban Archaeology.
* Feed Your Soul: A free art project.
* Andy Samberg is hosting the MTV Movie Awards. I may actually watch.

Daily Science
MicroTransponder, a company out of Dallas, Texas, is developing an implantable neural stimulator to alleviate chronic pain. Looking like an RFID implant, the prototype device uses low energy radio technology for communication and has no batteries on board.

Today's a submission day. The thing I hate most about writing, the thing that causes my mini offscreen tantrums about "I just want to write stuff, not look up markets and write letters and wait and wait." But I haven't in a while, and I need to. So. Flash and poetry today.

And I'll jump on "My Empire for Ashes" from there. Between now, Wednesday, and the plane trip, I think I could potentially have a first draft by the end of the week. Anyone want to word-war with me?

Tomorrow's pretty full - interview for a library volunteer gig, getting my license changed over (finally - hopefully - theoretically), coffee with Elayna and asciikitty to strategize about homework and organization, Carbon Leaf concert with ioianthe and friends (thanks for the ticket, ioianthe - must write you something! :) )

Wednesday's a writing and packing-for-Wiscon day, and Thursday early emilytheslayer and I are flying out to Madison, whee! I mean, lack of whee because flying is painful for me, but whee for excellent company and impending Wiscon. :)

So how's by you?
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