Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Sunday morning miscellany

Lading with the critical thing: I have two tickets to the Enter the Haggis show tonight in Burlington, MA, and I have no ride. Previous plans collapsed at the 11th hour. I can't go if I don't get a ride! So there's a free ticket in it for anyone who can drive. Come dance with me!

Yes, this is short notice and no one reads LJ on Sunday. I am very frustrated that I was not made aware earlier that I should be ooking for alternate transportation. Anyway. Please? Give 'em a listen here, and if you like, come dance with me!

Anyway. Yesterday. Insomnia hit *hard*, and I ended up not getting to sleep til 3. The cats woke us promptly at 6. *wince* Had an exciting morning of bill-paying and other chatelaine work and more Wiscon organization, then off to Star Trek! This was Elayna's first Trek, and she enjoyed it. Must get her started on the TV show. We liked it as well - I didn't come out wanting to have its babies, but I did like it quite a lot, and agree with popular sentiment that a TV show with that cast would rock.

Quick nap before mangosteen and lifecollage's party turned out to not be nap enough; I tend to require two hours for a nap to do any good, and I go probably half an hour to an hour. The party was excellent, as usual! I haven't been to Diesel or any other social events in a while. I missed people.

Unfortunately, the three hours of sleep + insufficient nap + two high-activity days in a row meant I abruptly lost my spoons at, I kid you not, 9. *headdesk* Fortunately, party date feste_sylvain was totally understanding, and the party was kinda getting too crowded to breathe anyway, so he took me home; I think I was sleep by 10:15.

And up at 6. But that's okay. That's enough sleep for a night.

Today? Menu planning, shopping, and really truly sitting Adam down and making him look at the flash markets I sent him so I can get to submitting things. My kernel's been thrashing on this for months - too many variables! (What are your favorite flash markets?)

Cleaning. Must ride herd on Elayna to get her room clean. Her four big priorities: homework, cleaning out her backpack, weeding the outgrown clothes from her wardrobe, ad putting away the clothes she inherited from me in my weeding + her own freshly-laundered clothes. Adam's got to work on mucking out his office, too, and me? Maybe my office, maybe weeding out the BPAL I don't use. There's a lot of it. Big time-consuming task. I hate big time-consuming tasks.

Anyway, PLEASE let me know if you can get me to the Enter the Haggis show tonight! Thanks. :)
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