Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My score for today

- Checkbook was not balanced, so could not pay bills.

+ Stopped by to see about scheduling a hair appointment at the place that did Elayna's supercute cut. Stylist who did her hair was available right then. Hair has been fixed, and inexpensively; yay!

+ Made massage appointment for the day after I return from Wiscon. Will finally get around to using my Chanukah gift certificate!

+ CVS had my Lunesta, which had to be reauthorized and thus had not been guaranteed before 5pm.

- CVS only had 10 Lyrica. I needed 60 Lyrica. This will get me through Monday, at least, when they should be able to fill the rest of the prescription.

+ Filled out application to volunteer at library!

+ Yummy and good-for-me chopped chicken salad at Not Your Average Joe's.

- Bus full of teenagers screeching like howler monkeys.

- Three-hour wait at the RMV means no driver's license changeover. Have been told that Monday morning is the least busy time. Will return then.

- Trapped in train between Central and Harvard for long enough to remind me of the Doctor Who episode "Midnight".

----- Because someone died on the rails at Porter Square. Unknown if it was suicide or accident.

- Insanely crowded overheated shuttle from Harvard to Porter.

- Mind's Eye Yarns did not have the yarn I needed (Indigo Forest).

+ They did have a pretty jeweltoned alpaca. And they are very friendly.

+ Decompression at Porter Square Books.

+ Met Adam at Harvard Square and bussed/walked home together.

+ Have a potential OMG YAY life development, but I probably won't know more til next week.

Altogether, tired and sweaty and waiting for my baked sweet potato.
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