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Happy early birthday to goddessfarmer and ydnic, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader ginskye!

Doin' okay. Am pondering joining Curves again.

Link Soup
* What makes us happy?
* Pre-order murnkay's new book!
* Books made of computer punch cards. Awesome.
* Real-Life Twitter. So true. I've slowly started to develop a minor Twitter addiction... is good for those random thoughts that don't merit an entire LJ post.

Daily Science
The meticulous design of a seashell has long been a source of fascination for mathematicians, but the biological process involved has remained mysterious. Equipped with a new understanding of how mollusks use an extensive network of nerve cells to coordinate precise deposits of shell material and pigment, researchers can now simulate the growth of almost any seashell on a computer. And while this may delight molluscophiles, the significance is broad: This advance marks a triumphant cross-pollination between mathematics and biology that is also yielding important insights into how complex neural networks interact and communicate.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Jeans, BPTP "Volunteer: 2008 Pancake Breakfast and Summoning" tee, mismatched penguin socks.
Reading: A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain.
Writing: "My Empire for Ashes". Current wordcount: 10,724. Seeding just how much Alexander wants to be Telenias, and just how alien his and Katrina's worlds are to each other.
Today: Errand day! CVS, RMV, post office, library, yarn store, and I'll pop into the hair salon and massage place to see about scheduling appointments. No plans tonight, save getting Adam's opinion on flash fiction markets so I can submit some stuff. It's been forever.
Saturday: Star Trek with the family, and mangosteen & lifecollage's party!
Sunday: No daytime plans - but I'm haunted by the idea that there is something and I'm just forgetting it. Evening plans = Enter the Haggis concert in Burlington, MA! Anyone else wanna come?
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